Mon. May 20th, 2024
Diagnostic Hearing Evaluation

Are you having a feeling that your hearing capacity isn’t as active as it used to be? If yes, you have every right to be worried. In this situation, the only advice we can offer is that you consider evaluating your hearing capability. To do this, you have two effective options with a reliable audiology clinic, such as Audiology Island;

  1. First, you can consider visiting Audiology Island to take an in-person diagnostic hearing evaluation. This evaluation will be performed by a well-trained and licensed audiologist.
  1. The other option involves taking an online hearing test, which is designed by experts at Audiology Island. This test is ideal if you’re the busy type.

In the rest of this post, you’ll perform a diagnostic hearing evaluation vs. an online hearing assessment face-off to understand the more accurate option.

What exactly is a diagnostic hearing evaluation at Audiology Island?

Diagnostic hearing evaluation is a full, comprehensive examination that’s conducted by a licensed audiologist at Audiology Island. This in-person assessment is designed to cover a series of tests to determine why your hearing capability isn’t as active as it used to be.

For you to take this comprehensive assessment, you need to provide the audiologist with your full medical history, and previous & current medications. The audiologist will need to review this medical history before going ahead to perform a series of hearing tests. The results from these tests will help the audiologist provide the best treatment plans to address your hearing loss.

What exactly is an online hearing test at Audiology Island?

Like the aforementioned diagnostic hearing evaluation, an online hearing test is also designed to identify the cause of your hearing loss and find the right treatment plans. With the help of a headphone, you can take this assessment to gauge how well you’re hearing.

Online hearing assessment will provide you with a series of tones and sounds and you need to respond correctly to them. After the assessment, if the result shows you have a hearing loss, you’ll be advised to visit Audiology Island for a further medical checkup and to find a suitable treatment plan for your hearing condition.

Diagnostic hearing evaluation vs. an online hearing assessment: Accuracy

As earlier mentioned, both diagnostic hearing evaluation and online hearing assessment at Audiology Island are effective. However, when it comes to choosing the more accurate option, we advise you to go for a comprehensive diagnostic hearing evaluation.

The only time we’ll advise you to choose an online hearing test is if you have a busy schedule and commitment to take time to visit the clinic.

Below are a few factors that affect the accuracy of an online hearing test:

  • Room acoustics
  • Headphone calibration
  • Lack of medical diagnosis

Because of these aforementioned factors, we strongly advise that you create time to take a full, comprehensive diagnostic hearing evaluation, which is done by some of the best hearing aid repair doctors at Audiology Island.

By Syler