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People these days are bothered by so many things at the same time. They find it difficult to concentrate. There is so much on their plate that they do not know how to go about it. In these situations, relaxation of the mind is a must. If your mind is not at peace, it will not be able to understand any concern. No therapist or relaxation pills could be of any use until and unless your mind does not stop overthinking. But there is one solution that will help calm your mind and improve your concentration often.

Yoga has proved beneficial when modern medical science has given up. There are certain positions and postures of Yoga which are beneficial beyond the extent of your imagination. Let us explore these unique Yoga postures and sustain a healthy life.

Best Yoga Positions

  • Vajrasana

Also known as the Thunderbolt pose, Vajrasana is one of the best positions in Yoga. It helps to increase blood circulation across the brain, which ultimately helps to concentrate. It even relaxes the mind by working on your energies. It cures many mental disorders, such as hypertension, depression and anxiety. Vajrasana increases the efficiency of the brain. Many people find themselves at peace while practising this pose. It has proved effective for people of every age group so far.

Vajrasana benefits our souls. It is very wholesome for our entire body. Vajrasana benefits our energy mudras and helps us to lead a happy life. It plays a significant role in regulating our mood. It somehow manages the release of hormones and allows us to focus on everything in our life. With Vajrasana benefits, one can sustain a healthy and happy life.

  • Hakini Mudra

Most people end up feeling depressed at times because they do not have the confidence to face the people. According to research conducted by Melbourne University, lack of confidence is one of the most important reasons for mental illness. With less confidence, one cannot expect to concentrate a lot. That is where the need for taking mudra comes into being. Hakini Mudra helps to improve concentration levels by increasing one’s self-confidence and reducing self-doubt.

It is also referred to as the Brainpower Mudra.With Hakini Mudra, one can ensure a sharper mind. It improves memory power and increases the power of retention. It is the best way to improve your mood. It has proved to help treat anxiety. One tends to feel more confident with the mere positioning of one hand against the other. The best part about this Mudra is that it requires no additional effort. One can practice it anywhere and at any time.

  • Lotus Position

Lotus Position is one of the easiest Yoga asanas that people can practice. This asana aims to sharpen the mind and improve cognitive abilities. It helps to focus on things very quickly. This asana has proved to be beneficial for many people over the years. Lotus Position is the best place to try for a healthy mind and heart.

It increases confidence and the ability to grasp things quickly. One does not have to face any trouble while focusing on anything. This is the easiest of all asanas. So if you are a working professional struggling with time, nothing could be better.


All of these asanas and postures discussed above go a long way toward providing a better life to people. This is the best way to help people lead a sustainable and healthy life. It has the potential to improve the lifestyle of many people.

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