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Many people like to print their online pictures and share them with friends and family. Canvas Prints remains one of the leaders of the market and gives you access to tons of features that you couldn’t even imagine with other providers. Situated and founded in the United States has access to the highest computing technology to ensure that you will always get the most explicit services at the right price.

Even when you are not sure about your final decision to bring your business with Canvas Prints, it’s good to know some facts about them that make them different from all other online photo services. These facts are widely known in the market, and you would be more than happy to know them before you order from any other provider. Let’s check what the features that make Canvas Prints the leader of its business sector and how this could change the way you print and order your pics for home delivery are.

You Get Expedited Delivery

First, you can choose between regular and expedited delivery. At Canvas Prints they have a close cooperation with all the domestic and international freight services to ensure that you will get your orders at the right time. When you live abroad since you are an international overseas customer you will have to choose the expedited delivery that reaches you within 48 hours after you have placed the order and paid for it.

In other words, you can expect your paper photos to reach you in less than two days, no matter where you reside on earth. That’s a great innovation offered by Canvas Prints, since you can have the photos for your birthday party without the need to wait for long and pay a big amount of money. With Canvas Prints you can be sure that you will only be paying a small fee to receive them sooner than expected and be happy for the rest of the day! If you are patient enough to receive them within 5 days, there is no reason to make any additional payment. Canvas Prints has integrated the delivery cost to the pictures cost and that makes you even happier and ready to order more!

Photos Cost Less

All the photos cost less when you order with Canvas Prints. These people have a direct agreement with the paper companies to give them the right quality of paper at the lowest prices of the market. They can achieve such an agreement since they handle millions of pictures every year. The more they expand the better the rates will be for their customers. Since more and more people like to print their pictures, Canvas Prints has managed to offer the lowest price for the regular glossy printing paper to ensure that you will have the ability to order even more pictures and never be afraid of the final costs.

Paper Quality is at The Highest Level

Additionally, with Canvas Prints you don’t even have to worry about the paper quality. You can choose the quality when you upload the pictures to the online site and expect them to give you a final quote for your order. There is a high variety of paper quality offered to people who are patient enough to study what they need and come up with a solution that is mutually beneficial for all parties. You may decide to print some pictures with the highest quality paper and some others with lower quality and give the pics to friends and family. No matter what your final decision could be, you are always free to check the pictures yourself and send them back if the quality is not what you expected it to be.

There is An Account Manager Dedicated to Each Customer

When you enroll in the Canvas Prints services, you have a dedicated account manager to ask all your questions and handle your objections. That is something you rarely see in such online services, and the customer service has the ability to talk in all languages. That makes the Canvas Print services really international, taking your experience as a customer to the next level.

All Photos Are Safely Kept in the Cloud

You don’t even have to worry about the online space to upload and keep your pictures. Canvas Prints retains the biggest servers you have seen and gives you access to a private cloud with zero charges for you. In fact, you have the chance to upload as many pictures as you like and then select which one of them you would like to be forwarded to their printing system. You are the only one to have access to your pics, and that’s a service that is offered for free!

Personalized Gifts Come With Your Order

With every order you place- regardless of the size- you will always receive some personalized gifts from the Canvas Prints marketing team. That could be some additional pictures in bigger sizes and better paper quality or even some plastic containers that you can carry in your car and hang them to any wall, depicting your beloved ones. All these gifts are easy to select and give you a sense of satisfaction no matter the height of the final price you pay at Canvas Prints. It’s the best reward for customers who decide to bring their business with them.

Payments Are Safer Than You Would Ever Think

Finally, with Canvas Prints you can secure all the payments and have them sent in a fast and easy way. You can pay through PayPal or other major credit cards and ensure the payment with the latest encryption standards. There is no way Canvas Prints can see your payment information since there is a third party between you and the site. Payments are done automatically and give you the chance to see your balance every time you like.

Canvas Prints has been a revolutionary photo printing agency that works 100% online and gives you the highest quality at the lowest possible price.

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