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The energy market continues to be stormy. Finding a reliable supplier who can deliver oil products to any corner of the world on time, and in large volumes, is becoming increasingly difficult. But it is possible. The main thing is to choose the right supplier and establish a partnership with a reliable company. The 5 rules that we will discuss in this article will help you do that.

Expand your search network: analyze market players

Analyzing the market and choosing the right diesel supplier are important steps to ensure the reliability and efficiency of your business. You can’t afford long pauses while waiting for diesel fuel to be delivered – production, transportation, and critical infrastructure are at risk of being shut down due to lack of resources. That’s why you need to be well aware of all market players in your region. If you can plan your deliveries in advance, choose the supplier with the best prices and conditions. In case of emergencies and force majeure, you can contact the nearest operator – geographical proximity will ensure fast and reliable fuel supply, allowing your business to operate without interruption. If your production facilities are located in different regions, it is worth choosing a supplier that can provide timely deliveries around the world. 

Look for positive feedback

Evaluating a potential partner from the point of view of reputation and reviews is an important step in deciding whether to start cooperation. Beautiful presentations and attractive commercial offers are created by company marketers. Reviews are written by customers based on real experience of cooperation. Studying reviews will help you learn about previous and current customer interactions with the supplier, as well as find both positive and negative aspects. If you want to check the supplier in more detail, pay attention to industry certificates.

Take the time to research the reputation of a potential partner. This way, you will be able to understand how effectively the supplier addresses the needs of its customers and what problems may arise during cooperation before you start working together. Always remember that choosing a reliable diesel fuel supplier is critical to ensuring the smooth operation of your business.

Compare prices

Before choosing a diesel fuel supplier, it is important to first ask about competitive prices and fuel contract terms. Then compare prices with other market players to determine the most cost-effective choice for your company.

Price changes are common in the fuel industry and depend on a variety of factors. While your service provider cannot influence fuel price changes, it can control its own operating and delivery costs. Dishonest providers may increase their operating costs by citing fuel price fluctuations and pass these costs on to you. 

Analyze the terms of contracts. At the same price from different companies, the total amount of the contract may vary greatly due to the cost and the possibility of obtaining additional services from one supplier. Let’s take a closer look at this issue.

Take an interest in the full range of services

An additional advantage of a potential partner will be the ability to provide related services and cover the need for turnkey diesel supply.  This will avoid the need to cooperate with several suppliers for each individual service. Here are some possible services that may be of interest:

  • sales and delivery of gasoline and other refined products;
  • installation, maintenance and repair of the necessary equipment;
  • fuel consumption analysis services and advice on its efficient use;
  • providing information on the latest trends in the fuel sector;
  • access to an online platform for monitoring inventory and orders;
  • environmental control and gas emission reduction services.

When choosing a supplier, consider whether they can provide a full range of services to meet your fuel needs and ensure the efficient operation of your business.

Choose reliable suppliers

The final step is to choose a reliable supplier that will ensure a stable supply of quality fuel and comfortable cooperation. Consider the company’s experience in the market, the availability of necessary licenses and certificates, and the level of service provided. The supplier should provide a convenient work schedule, quick response to requests and delivery, and a simple ordering process. Pay attention to payment terms, the possibility of getting a loan or discount for regular customers. This will be a plus for your financial planning and liquidity.

Bonus: we have already done everything for you

We have already evaluated diesel fuel suppliers according to the above criteria and chose Idol Energy Company. The company offers refined products (diesel, gasoline, kerosene) and liquefied petroleum gas of the highest quality. The prices are market-based, and taking into account the full range of turnkey services, the terms of supply will be favorable for the customer of petroleum products. Full control over the production and logistics processes allows us to guarantee the fulfillment of obligations to partners and customers in terms of quality, timeliness and volume of energy supplies to any part of the world. This is proven by years of experience in the energy market and an impeccable reputation. 

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