Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

The iconic culture, spectacular architecture, delicious cuisines, Mediterranean climate, stunning art, pristine beaches and so on. You’ll never run out of reasons to plan your next vacation in the Hellenic country. Yes, we are talking about Greece! 

Car rental Greece offers a great choice for transportation to explore the country. 

Home to spectacularly beautiful natural beaches, blue waters, and hidden islands, Greece offers exquisite vacationing experiences. From enjoying the vibrant nightlife in the city to relaxing on a desolate island, you’ve endless options for enjoying your days of merriment. 

Planning to visit Greece and opt for a car rental? Known these things first. 

Should You Rent A Car In Greece?

Affordable car rental should be your go-to option if you love the essence and adventure of independent travel. 

There is no running behind the schedules, no hurries to catch public transport or to adhere to a particular timetable. Explore and enjoy the beautiful offerings at your own pace. The purpose of a vacation is to disconnect and rejuvenate. With car rentals and utmost freedom to can enjoy peace of mind.   

Drive around the country with the freedom to halt and take a break anyplace cool you find along the journey. And you can drive your rental car to the breathtaking Greek islands too if you travel by ferry.

However, the back roadways and streets on the islands might get narrow. Pay attention while taking turns. With some driving around, you’ll gain confidence. 

With car rental cheap deals, you don’t just enjoy affordable travel, but you get flexibility. Modify your plans, set out on an off-beaten path or just hop around in the city– nothing’s stopping you from following your heart. 

Greek Driving Rules And Regulations To Know When You Book Car Rental Online

  • The city speed limit in Greece is 50 kph (30 mph). In the outskirts and rural areas, it’s 90 kph (55 mph) in rural areas. While on the expressway, you can drive at a maximum of 110 kph (70 mph), and on the motorway, 130 kph (80 mph) is the maximum speed limit. 
  • In Greece, right-hand driving is followed. 
  • For private roads, the toll fees range from €1.50 to €3.50.
  • Drinking and driving and using a phone while driving is strictly prohibited and is a punishable offence. 
  • Seat belts are mandatory. Violation of this driving rule can attract a fine of €80 for the first offence and €350 for each repetition. 
  • Breaking a signal and the illegal overtaking penalty is €700.
  • Illegal parking can also attract penalties of about €150. (This is common in Athens due to limited parking space)  
  • Children under 12 years of age should always sit in the back seat. 
  • Car seats are mandatory for children under 4 years old. So, if you’re travelling with your kid, bring your own car seat or book one in advance. 
  • If you’re visiting Greece during winter and your trip involves travelling in the mountainous regions, carry snow chains with you. These are legally compulsory, so ensure your car rental Greece airport provides them.

Age Requirements To Rent Car Greece Airport

  • To rent car Greece airport, the minimum age requirement is 21 years. Additionally, your licence must be issued at least 1 year prior to the travel. 
  • The age limit might vary by car category and car rental company. 
  • If you’re under age 25, you might incur a young driver surcharge. 
  • For foreign nationals, an international driver’s license is mandatory. An IDP isn’t required if you have an EU license. 
  • Some car rental even has a policy of a maximum age limit of 70 for drivers. 

Insurance Coverage

The roads in the cities are narrow and congested. Therefore, getting full insurance coverage is always recommended. 

Typically, Car Rentals in Greece generally include a basic Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), but this doesn’t function like insurance. It only covers the car for a certain limit of upto €1000-3000 EUROS worth of damage.

Generally, your rental company will hold this amount on your credit card until you return the car safely and in one piece. CDW usually does not cover tire damages, cracked windshield, or undercarriage damages.

While it is a good option to save money by using a good travel credit card that includes car rental insurance, you must carefully read the fine print. Because during car hire Greece using credit cards, many tourists wrongly assume the card offers coverage in Greece.

So if you get into a road accident or incur minor damages and find out that your credit card doesn’t extend the insurance coverage in foreign countries or specifically in Greece, you’re looking at a whooping expense and even penalties. 

Therefore pre-booking your insurance online is always recommended when you rent a car in Greece. You can also opt for premium insurance that covers fire and theft protection. 


Car rental Greece is the best way to explore the country with freedom and peace of mind. Follow the rules, know the ways of driving in the cities and highways, get insurance and carry your documents. Enjoy an affordable yet exquisite stay in the Hellenic sub-continent.