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Travel light by storing your luggage at luggage storage Barcelona Airport and indulge in the beautiful sights of Spain. If you want to make a bucket list of your travels, then you should visit the Sagrada Familia, a Gothic church in Barcelona designed by Antoni Gaudi, which is still under construction, and the Alhambra, a red clay palace complex dating back to the ninth century. Its courtyards, fountains, and towers cover seven hundred and forty meters. This Spanish landmark and the Monastery in Lisbon are two of the most famous attractions in Europe.

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most iconic stretches of coastline in Italy. The stunning views, pastel-coloured towns, and endless limoncello are synonymous with the area. Its culture is rich, with a UNESCO World Heritage Site and many museums and galleries. And if you’re hungry, there are numerous mouth-watering restaurants. The town of Ravello is a hilltop town that offers breathtaking views and enchanting terraced bougainvillea gardens.

Positano, with its pastel-colored houses perched high on the cliffs, has long drawn artists looking for inspiration. Richard Wagner once visited the town to cure writer’s block, and DH Lawrence wrote parts of Lady Chatterley’s Lover here. Gore Vidal spent 30 years in Positano, and there’s a reason why he wrote some of his best work here. If you’re a hiker, try the famous Amalfi Coast hike that starts in Agerola and ends in Nocelle. This hike takes about three hours to complete.

If you’re an architecture lover, you’ll find a UNESCO World Heritage Site, including the Palacio Nacional da Pena, on the Amalfi Coast. The palace is famous for its beautiful architecture and breathtaking views. There are also many museums and galleries lining the coast, and you can spend hours wandering the streets. This coast is one of the most beautiful in Europe.

Lake Bled

If you’re planning to travel to the Balkans or Europe, make sure you put Lake Bled on Your Bucket List. The city has several unique attractions, including the Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Mary on an island in the lake. The island is an extremely popular tourist destination, and visitors can rent gondola-style boats to cross the lake. Another highlight of this region is its famous church, the Chapel of St. Maria, which has a quaint cafe and terrace with great lake views. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, you can also ring the church bell three times to have your wish come true.

You can also take a boat ride on Lake Bled, which will take you to the church of the Assumption, which is on an island in the lake. Boats from the town center can take you to this location, but be warned that you may end up being stuck on the boat for the rest of the trip. Luckily, the captains of these vessels are more than willing to help you lift your fork so you can get the most out of your experience.

Castles of the Loire Valley

If you’re looking for a destination in France that will make you feel like royalty, consider visiting one of the castles in the Loire Valley. These ancient structures are spread throughout the Loire Valley, a beautiful river in central France. You can explore the Loire Valley from a hot air balloon or by taking a guided tour. You can learn about the history of the Loire Valley and its castles, as well as see photos and watch the enchanting scenery from the air.

The most famous castle in the Loire Valley is the Chateau de Chambord, which offers guided tours as well as self-guided tours. The chateau also offers free 20-minute films, audio guides, and an app called HistoPad. The architecture is stunning, and the grounds were once used as a hunting lodge for a former French king. There are so many different castles in the Loire Valley that you’re bound to find one that interests you.

The Chateau de Pierrefonds is another beautiful castle in the Loire Valley. Situated close to Paris, you can easily visit it on a day trip. The castle is located in the midst of a quaint village. In addition to the famous Chateau de Pierrefonds, you can also check out the Château de Chambord. The Chateau is the ideal place to start your Europe travel.


If you are looking for a relaxing day out with idyllic views of the countryside, include Giverny on your list of most beautiful places in Europe. The town of Giverny is also the home and studio of Claude Monet, who lived and painted here from 1883 until his death in 1926. Monet was an impressionist and the town is a great place to visit if you’re interested in art history and fine art.

Get to Giverny from Paris with cheap flights or train tickets. It is about a 50-minute train ride from Paris. If you have more time, you can opt for walking or cycling, but a train is more convenient. Take a train to Giverny, or take a tandem of a car and train. You’ll be glad you did. Make sure to buy your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment later.

While you’re in Giverny, make time to visit the Monet Museum and gardens. You can see his earliest paintings and visit the garden that inspired them. It’s also a must to see the famous Monet pond of water lilies. The museum’s gardens are so famous that thousands of people come here to visit Monet’s garden. The gardens at Giverny are a must for anyone looking for inspiration.

The Isle of Skye

With its enchanting waterfalls, crazy geology, and wild coastline, the Isle of Skye is a truly magical place to visit. Legends of giants, faeries, clans, and royalty abound in this land of rugged beauty. In addition to its stunning scenery, Skye is also home to a variety of wildlife. To help you plan your trip, here are six of the best sights to see during your visit.

The Scottish Highland cattle are known as Hairy Coos, a hardy breed that lives on the Isle of Skye. These cattle are known for their thick fur, which allows them to roam the hills and lochs year-round and rarely sleep indoors. They produce good milk, and are generally bred for butchering. Because of their double coat, they are also quite well adapted to the island’s climate.

While you are on Skye, be sure to visit the Museum of Island Life. The Isle of Skye was once a Viking stronghold, and it was the Battle of Largs that ended Norwegian rule on the island. While man had a presence on the island well into the medieval period, the battle was enough to inspire poetry, novels, and songs.

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The Rhine Falls

You should visit the Rhine Falls at least once in your lifetime. Its height is 23 meters and its width is approximately one and a half football fields. The falls are among Europe’s most spectacular waterfalls, and they are the most powerful. The flow rate is extremely high, causing the water to splash out of the waterfall hundreds of meters high. Visitors are also able to admire the majestic scenery from viewing platforms on the river.

If you’re planning a vacation in Switzerland, the Rhine Falls should definitely be on your list. The waterfalls are located just an hour away from Zurich. The view is stunning, and you can see it from a viewing platform so close you can touch it! You can also go on a boat ride to the rock in the middle of the falls.

There are also many castles and historic towns in the Rhine Valley. It has been a great influence to artists, composers, and writers, and is popular with day trippers and vacationers alike. In addition to the falls, there are many opportunities to hike, bike, or take a riverboat tour. Once you’ve finished exploring the Rhine Falls, you’ll be glad you made the decision to visit this beautiful place!

Lake Balaton

If you’re looking for one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe, then make sure you include Lake Balaton on your bucket list. This stunning body of water is situated in western Hungary, surrounded by volcanic mountains, vineyards and thermal spa resorts. The lake’s milky green color is due to algae that grows in its shallow waters. Its surroundings are full of natural beauty, including lavender fields and the Balaton Uplands National Park.

There are numerous things to do in the area, including a visit to the Festetics Palace, a medieval castle located in the heart of the region. Visitors can also visit the town of Veszprem, home to Hungary’s tallest building and largest church. The town is home to numerous festivals and lookout points, and there’s always something going on. Be sure to try one of the many local drinks while you’re there – some of them are even fruit-flavored.

The closest resort towns are Siofok and Veszprem. If you’re not into a beach holiday, head up to Siofok and see the lake from a different perspective. While the southern shore is crowded with holiday-makers, the northern shore is relatively untouched and quiet. There are plenty of activities for kids to enjoy on Lake Balaton, from sailing to parasailing. The lake is moderately shallow, so a child can swim for up to 10 feet.

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