Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
whipped cream whipped cream

There are a lot of whipped cream flavors that have been discovered, and a lot of them are really fun to eat. Kids love whipped cream as it gives them that mild and sweet creamy flavor that’s just perfect to place on top of cakes, pastries, and even drinks. As a result, some experts in the kitchen have developed different flavors of whipped cream so then the kids won’t get tired of eating the same plain whipped cream that they are very familiar with already.

To know what are those flavors are easy to make, and your kids will surely love, below is the list of the whipped cream flavors that have been observed to be excellent for the taste buds of the kids. Here are the following:


Adding chocolate to the whipped cream is one of the most basic techniques in adding flavor to the cream. After all, milk is perfect to be combined with chocolate, as it makes it creamy as less bitter as well. This is one of the easiest to make as well, and the flavor just tastes great once you add more chocolate into your whipped cream mixture. 

To do so, all you have to do is melt some chocolate or use chocolate powder once it’s time to whip the cream. During the whipping process, you can just add the chocolate powder or liquid into your mixture, along with the confectioners’ sugar and vanilla extract. Just keep on mixing until it gets all brown and frothy to be considered as whipped cream. Also, note that chocolate is a kid’s all-time favorite, which is why we discussed chocolate right away because you might be thinking the same thing as well.


When it comes to milky drinks, kids love chocolate milk. If not chocolate, some would prefer strawberry milk, as the strawberry’s strong flavor adds well to the milk. Thus, you can also consider strawberry as a fine addition to the whipped cream. Strawberry has that distinctive flavor that’s strong and sweet, and it compliments well with the flavor of the cream. It also gives that pinkish color that kids would love to eat as well.

The process to make strawberry whipped cream is not that hard either. All you need to do is just puree the strawberry, preferably on a food processor, so then it will become crushed enough to mix well with the whipped cream. After that, just add the pureed or ground strawberry into the whipped cream as you mix further. The strawberry whipped cream oftentimes has bits of strawberry to make it all the more appealing to the taste. Alternatively, you can use strawberry powder instead.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is known to be a fine ingredient to some milky drinks, and even on whipped cream as well. Believe it or not, some kids love to add peanut butter because it compliments well with the cream as well. Additionally, some who make whipped cream know well that the stickiness of the peanut butter helps out in stabilizing the whipped cream so then it can hold out longer compared to most whipped cream flavors. 

Adding peanut butter is just simply as pouring the other flavors into the cream as you whisk further. But be sure not to put too much peanut butter into the whipped cream, as it might not look frothy anymore due to the texture of the peanut butter itself. Peanut butter whipped cream is good for some cold drinks but is often good to be placed on top of pastries and some biscuits.


Mocha is a combination of coffee and chocolate and is an excellent flavor for kids as it does not have too much coffee, which is preferable to adults. Mocha is a very good addition to whipped cream since it also compliments well with milk. It’s one of the best flavors that’s perfect to add on top of pastries, and of course on some cold drinks.

To create the mocha whipped cream, you can just add the chocolate liquid or powder, then include the coffee powder as well. Alternatively, you may add mocha powder instead. Just make sure that they all mix well until the color of the cream becomes brown or dark brown. You can also create a dark mocha flavor by adding more coffee aside from chocolate, but this version is more preferable for adults.

Kids would love to have these whipped cream flavors as they are excellent to become flavor for sweets, and can become tastier if sweetened even further. Whipped cream canisters and cream chargers are also excellent to be used on these whipped cream mixtures to make it more frothy, plus the flavor will not become ruined by the N2O on these chargers that you will apply on the canister once you seal the flavored whipped cream.