Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
Tradition meltsWhere Tradition melts into Time

The weavers of yore always carried stories that carried far through the winds, across countries and cultures, bringing into the dining room folk stories that were never heard before nor will again. With time, the art was though to be lost but for a few entrepreneurs such as those behind ‘The Rugs Café’.
Fabric has always spoken the human story, replete in all its ethos and nuances, to touch and feel stories of distant humans spring alive in front of your eyes is a marvel that continues to awe one and all.

The Journey:

When you first lay your eyes on the humble Dhurrie – it  might seem like an odd juxtaposition of random colours and shapes. But slowly as the proverbial dust settles down and the veil of post-modernist abstraction starts to give away – you herald a tale of chaos engulfed in form; of pure vitality nestled in the corners of everyday shapes. The interlocking warp and weft are soon to catch your eyes as you appreciate the skill that makes this eponymous carpet used all across South Asia slowly take form. Traditional yet standing at ease with the modern rugs of today. Warm, yet exuding a madcap essence that helps pump energy into your daily lounge, whether at home or at office, at a distant sojourn or a self-exploratory journey. You wake up each day to see it in a new light.

The Fabric:

The kid friendly rug is crafted from pure wool with cotton touch, handwoven into perfection from the distant rural chambers of India. Best suited for outdoor use, this multi size rug is thin and delicate – giving agility to its placement and absolutely easy to wash off the frequent accidents in a large household housing a family, children, and pets.

The Rugs Cafe:


Specialising in conjuring for their clients the best of carpets and rugs to serve as center-pieces of both the space and the conversation to follow is ‘The Rugs Café’, an enterprise aimed at providing handmade rugs that stand out with a fusion of quality, craftsmanship, and innovation. Exploring both local and traditional themes, The Rugs Café has been able to create an extensive line-up of Persian, Tribal, Antique, Kothan, Modern, Traditional, Silk and many such varieties of rugs for its domestic and international clientele.
Deciding to go organic in sourcing the fabric has expanded the horizon of fabrics while never compromising with the fest of colors that the artisans have till date worked with. Imagine a Persian rug – intricate in its every detail – hand-knotted and crafted with love, and sincerity right t your doorstep with the click of a button. The Rugs Café makes this possible.

The Artisans:

How could you leave without getting acquainted with the maestros behind these masterpieces?Iqbal, Muskaan, Manoj, Faiyyaz, and Sanauvar are the faces behind these time machines of today. An eclectic mix of artisans and production managers at the helm of producing the finest of fine creations to come out from The Rugs Café, they represent a dying breed of generational carpet makers from the city of Agra in Uttar Pradesh. Taking up from where there parents left – they have infused innovation into tradition and mastered the art in no time.

If you wish to see the real side of India and South Asia carved into threads that stand the test of time – the abstract colorful rug Dhurrie is the one for you. Take advantage of the designer rugs sale now on at the website and bring home decadent pieces of human artistry that will carry on your story and theirs long after time stands still.