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It is fundamental to make the right decision when choosing a management systems certification body. Consequently, it should be applied to most massive purchases. Conduct research, ask for references and check them. Also, you can request the resumes of the audit employees proposed by the certification body. In this case, you are the client, and the certification body is offering you a service. It is important to make sure that you receive what you pay for. However, do not let the price alone be the depicting factor. Dig deeper for more factors to consider when finding the right certification body.

Consider the Accreditation

In the same way, the certification body audits your firm and verifies your processes; the body themselves must pass through accreditation by a central team to make sure they promote the principle of accreditation. There are many certification bodies to select from. Besides, not all of them will offer you the best services that you need. Therefore, it is best to do proper research and settle on the leading service providers like SAI Global Standards & Legislation. Working with such competent professionals will allow your company to have the best auditing process.

Consider the Costs

In most occurrences, a maximum number of employees involved in a similar process can lessen the number of auditing days needed. In other situations, the number of active workers is applied to measure complexity and can impact the number of days. The general certification team tends to change by the day when it comes to the general certification team. Besides, the number of days is governed by your preferred body, like SAI global. But the rules around the duration are not clear.

Check the Brand and the Reputation of the Body

It will help to keep in mind that some of these service providers have immensely recognized brands, which can be excellent when considering applying the certification mark on the portal and stationery. But some certification bodies operate in niche markets or have a specific reputation within an industry. When choosing a certification body, it is significant to receive feedback from the clients, distributors, and competitors concerning their experiences with certification bodies.

Check the Area of Coverage

It is helpful to note that ISO certification is recognized globally. Therefore, if you are operating in various territories, the coverage of a certification team can be a crucial consideration. The area where the certification body branch office is located can be different. Besides, those located far away from your branches can suffer from increased costs or travel. On the other hand, if you are only operating in one region, you could work with a smaller certification body that would offer lower charges and more individual services.

Consider the Travel Costs

The travel costs and accommodation differ between one certification body and the other. Some may include traveling within their day rate. But in several occurrences, this may make the day rates appear higher than the competitors. In situations where certification bodies are charging travel and accommodation in addition to a day rate, the auditor’s location is a critical consideration. 


Often, it is recommendable to request your service providers like SAI Global Standards & Legislation to capture the travel costs within their pricing. Working with the leading consultants can allow you to meet the requirements of your preferred scheme or standard before certification.

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