Tue. May 21st, 2024

Beautiful, sleek, and convenient, black pods are the best technology of 2020. Black pods were the most awaited technology so far.

They were just not simple wireless headphones rather they were an outbreak in the technology industry. Those beautiful dangling wireless earbuds are the best wireless headphones you can buy right now.

Blackpods are very easy to use, just put them in your ear and they will start working seamlessly and instantly with your iPhone. When you are done with listening, just take them out and they will stop working automatically. Isn’t this cool?


Black pods have the best quality and build quality. Even they are made up of plastic, it still feels great. They are light enough and durable enough to place in your pockets. It has a very distinctive style. There is a long arm under the earbud section. They are thick to fit the device’s battery inside and other components.

The pods rely on their one-size-fit all plastic design to sat firmly in your ears.

We tried the black pod’s earbuds in a number of ears and they sat well in everyone. Everyone was able to shake their head without the Black pods falling out.

The positive point of Black pods is that it will not hurt your ear after a long listening period. You can use earbuds or you can use them independently.

It has the best technology you can ever have in a wireless headphone; it will start working automatically when you put them in your ears and will stop working as soon as you take them out.

Battery Life.

The long stem from the bottom of earbuds might look bulky, but the plus side is that the battery life is great. Because the battery is stored in those stems.

Black pods earbuds last up-to 5 hours with a single charge. But the battery drains faster when used for a phone call. The 5-hour battery claim was accurate in our test.

You charge it via its lighting port. Once fully charged it can charge your earbuds over four-time.

There is an LED indicator on the case that goes green or red to indicate the charge status. Or you can open the lid near your device to see the battery status of the case and earbuds.

Final Verdict.

There is a lot we liked about the Black pods. The battery life is amazing, the speed of charging runs laps around the competition. They sound great, and the best thing is how seamless the pairing process is.

With voice-control, you don’t have to press any button anymore. Just double-tap on the bud and Siri get activated. Just say to skip the track or lower the volume.

They are just like other wireless headphones you can buy, but with the best build quality, durability, and long battery life for full-day use. They work perfectly with apple and non-apple devices.

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