The demand for KN95 masks has increased ever since the COVID-19 outbreak. These masks have high-level protection against the virus when used properly. In addition, they provide effective protection against COVID-19 variants, which regular surgical masks may not. 

How you use the KN95 masks matter. For instance, if you wear the mask without properly strapping it on the face, you will allow gaps for viruses and particulate to enter. The KN95 masks are made with multiple layers of synthetic material, mainly polypropylene plastic polymer. The masks are supposed to be worn over the nose and mouth to effectively provide protection. The straps at the back of your ear assist with holding the mask in place.

As you get ready to buy your KN95 mask, you need to make sure that you have considered all the important factors. Keep reading to learn more.

Factors to consider when buying a KN95 mask

#1: Authentic mask

The market has both genuine and fake KN95s. It is always good to assume that the mask you are getting is a fake until proven genuine. It may prove challenging to differentiate between a manipulated and real KN95 mask due to lack of regulation. However, going for an FDA-registered brand gives you a bigger chance of getting an authentic mask.

#2: Fitting

The KN95 masks offer high-level protection against COVID-19 and its variants. However, the mask can only do a good job if it covers your nose and mouth properly. That means making sure you buy a mask that properly fits. 

Ensuring that you pay attention to a fitting mask is an important matter. That’s because even the most effective masks will fail if they have gaps around the edges. 

Get the right mask size that properly covers your nose and mouth without leaving spaces. It should also go all the way down to the chin. Do not worry if you have just one KN95 mask that is too large. An alternative would be to twist the ear loops once or tie knots on them before putting them on. Consider getting straps and accessories if you are not good at knots to make your KN95 mask tighter. 

#3: Comfortability 

Wearing a good mask is one thing. Consistently putting it on is another. The effectiveness of masking up gets seen when you put it on regularly whenever in a crowded place or with loved ones, and you do not want to infect them. 

A comfortable mask motivates you to wear it for a long time. By comfort, we mean that the mask rests well on your nose and mouth without feeling constrained. In addition, it also means the ease of breathing through the mask. A comfortable and breathable mask means you are less likely to take it off or keep adjusting. Furthermore, difficult to breathe through masks tend to be less effective. 

#4: Mask availability 

A good mask may not mean much to you if you keep struggling to get it or it is stuck in shipping. When unavailable, that would mean you go a couple of days without the protection you are used to. 

Supply chain issues during the pandemic caused masks to keep running out. However, when you check back at the store, you have a high chance of getting them restocked. Ensure you prioritize easily available masks.