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Life is all about how we manage our ups and downs in life. Not all of us are prepared the same way to tackle the challenges of life and confront them in the best possible way. This can lead to disappointment and negatively which eventually breaks us further. Counseling is a therapy that allows us to vent our innermost feelings and thoughts to people without the feeling of being judged or commented on. Faith-based counseling also known as pastoral counseling or Christian counseling combines the best counseling practices with teachings found in holy books and scriptures allowing the individual to heal through God. 

Today you can find plenty of faith counseling services offline and online that can help you use their services to find resolutions to various challenges like anger management, depression, addiction, grief, and intimacy issues. You can find faith-based counselors online as well to ensure that you can talk to the experts online via chat and video sessions. You can look for some of the top-rated online counseling services like Faithful Counseling that can offer you the best service.

The goal of faith-based counselors is to assist people to manage their lives in a better way or resolve their issues using faith-based principles and instructions. They also provide guidance and coaching on how to lead a better life as instructed in the scriptures. On the other hand, they also listen to clients’ issues sympathetically and try to understand the root cause of the issue.

One of the main differences between a regular counselor and a faith-based counselor is that they are completely aware of their patient’s faith and spiritual beliefs which makes it easier for them to share a bond with the client before offering solutions. 

Handling Marriage Issues: Many couples today have issues after marriage, mainly due to miscommunication, disconnection, and disagreements. In the Christian faith, couples are encouraged to work through the problems rather than going for a divorce. Faith-based counseling can help you with couple counseling as various couples have to deal with issues like infidelity, loss of intimacy and even communication problems. With faith-based counseling, you can reap the benefits of couple therapy. 

Managing Grief and Depression: Events like a death of a loved one can shake the foundations of our faith. Often people find it hard to go through that struggle and want to understand the meaning in suffering. A faith-based counselor can bring in the spiritual resources of faith, prayer and worship and provide us with answers through core biblical principles and values. This can provide the right guidance and coping mechanisms to continue life while remembering the lost loved one.

Addiction: Counseling is important for substance abuse disorder. However, unlike regular counselor that focuses on triggers that lead to substance abuse and addiction, faith-based counselors look at addiction issues as sin that comes from a lack of devotion to God. Hence, they have different approaches to how they will handle addiction-related issues. Faith-based counselors would offer their clients ways to stick to the plan of God and use prayer to stay away from the urges and temptation to consume more substance. 

Renewal and Strengthening of Faith: In a materialistic world, it is easier for people to feel disappointed, dejected and gets pushed aside in many ways. Faith-based counselors understand this and can help find reconnection with God and your faith. While regular counselors would focus on your confidence and morale, faith-based counselors offer different tools like prayer that can allow you to re-focus on your path and renew your faith in God and in the good people around you who are willing to guide and love you. 

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