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Nowadays, it is not difficult for learners to find resources to learn Java programming online. The Internet is full of them. But then you might question, ‘Are these resources good?’ what is the best way to learn Java programming from scratch?

This blog will answer these questions and help you learn the most effective ways to gain Java proficiency and make a career out of it. 

Should You Learn Java Programming?

Before mentioning the best resources, let us learn why Java programming makes the right career choice. 

  • Java is an open-source language that relies on WORA, which means write once run anywhere. This quality makes the developers’ job easy as they don’t have to work on an application code again for another device. A single code can be used on any device or operating system.  
  • Java has crossed 27 years and is one of the top programming languages on the Tiobe Index. Budding programmers choose it due to its exceptionally high demand across industries.
This is the most popular programming language of 2022 | TechGig

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  • Already billions of devices run on it. And companies, including the Fortune 500, use Java for developing software & systems and enterprise applications. Its wide usage promises the availability of jobs for freshers and experienced learners. 
  • The versatility of Java offers endless opportunities for specializations. Using it, you can build applications for devices like desktops, mobile, laptops, car navigation systems, parking meters, gaming consoles, etc. 
  • Learning Java gives you plenty of opportunities to grow within the industry. You can begin your career as a junior developer and then progress to a senior developer or project manager position. However, after some experience, you can also opt for advanced career options like scrum master, DevOps engineer, solution architect, business analyst, etc. 
  • According to a Glassdoor survey, Java development is one of the best jobs in 2022. It scores 4.1 on job satisfaction criteria and offers an average median salary of $107,099. 

Is It Easy Or Hard To Learn Java Programming?

Java is usually considered to be a beginner-friendly language. It shares many similarities with mature languages like C or C++. So, if you know of any of these languages, you can quickly grasp Java. 

However, freshers can also begin learning it without any problem. The primary reason for this; it is a high-level language. When working with Java, you don’t have to worry about complex things like memory management. It can handle these things on its own. 

Likewise, it is independent of the processor on which it runs. Its own compiler and interpreter, JVM, interacts with the computer hardware. So, you only have to think about writing, compiling, and executing the code. You can write Java code on any operating system that has a JVM. 

Java Virtual Machine | Various Components of Java Virtual Machine

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As a new coder, you may find it challenging in terms of expansiveness. You will need to code a lot to make the application work and build features. But its rich APIs system and powerful IDEs take off much of the burden and make Java coding enjoyable. 

Best Way To Learn Java Programming

Fortunately, with Java, you don’t have to struggle to look for resources. As it has spent two and a half decades in the industry, it offers plenty of learning options. You can choose from books, tutorials, self-directed courses, and bootcamp programs. 

But which resource is the best depends upon your existing knowledge, passion for code, and learning goal. 

Books, Tutorials, and Online Courses

Free and low-cost resources like tutorials, books, and online courses can help you learn the basics. These are a cheap alternative to learning Java, but you must make your study schedule and build concepts on your own. 

Learning Java programming through this route requires a lot of motivation and patience. If you don’t stick to your schedule, you may lose interest and direction. Also, you’ll have to be careful in choosing instructional material online. You may also find low-quality material online. So, ensure opting for well-regarded sources and courses. 

How to Start Learning Java: A U.S. News Guide

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Bootcamp Programs

If you’re looking for a structured, hands-on, mentor-guided program, bootcamp should be your choice. With bootcamps like Java Track Program, you can build your industry skills and embark on a professional career right away. 

A bootcamp program will add more value than self-guided learning if you are a beginner. Unlike free courses, bootcamps will help develop core and advanced Java skills and teach building applications from scratch. 

Some bootcamps may also provide you with certifications to validate your learning. Other features like instructor support, an interactive learning environment, project-based learning, and career support make bootcamp the best choice for mastering Java skills quickly. 


You can have a promising career if you learn Java programming choosing the right path. Your focus should be on developing your skills and retaining the best practices in Java. If you pay attention to the basics, practice coding, and leverage the support from Java programming communities, you can build a bright career as a Java professional. 

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