Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

In 2022, there are more content creators than ever before. With so many streaming services and modern technology making video creation easier than ever, many films and advertisements are also being created much faster. This can make it very difficult for you as a content creator, whatever your content might be, to stand out. One way to do this would be to dub your content. Aside from the fact that online voice-over agencies like Voquent offer professional dubbing services at an affordable rate, there are plenty of other reasons to dub your content, and this article will look at 6 of them.

More Natural for the Viewer

The first reason your content should be dubbed in 2022, regardless of what that content might be, is because it is far more natural for the viewer. Did you know that about 59% of people in America actually prefer watching foreign films dubbed in English rather than watching with the native dialogue with subtitles? For non-English speaking people, the sentiment is shared, which means that if your content isn’t being dubbed, it won’t be enjoyed as much as it could be. Dubbing is simply more appealing to global audiences than subtitles are.

Improve Viewer Concentration

The next reason you should dub your content in 2022 is that it helps to improve the viewer’s concentration. Sure, subtitles are great and have their uses, but for someone watching your content who doesn’t speak the language, they have to continuously look down every few seconds to understand what is being said. This will not only ruin immersion but becomes quite the chore after some time. It could even be the primary reason more foreign audiences don’t watch your content.

Increase Reach

One of the most important reasons you should begin dubbing your content is because it can help you to increase your reach. The benefit of having content dubbed in another language is that the speakers of that language will then be much more likely to engage in your content. Why limit the global reach of your work by releasing it in one language when you can grow the size of your audience exponentially by offering dubbed versions worldwide?

Better Brand/Product Awareness

Of all the reasons your content should be dubbed, an important factor is that you will increase the awareness of your movie, YouTube video, brand, product, or whatever content you are creating. Why? Because often, the purpose of your content is for marketing benefits, and the more languages that are dubbed, the more people will become aware of your brand. This benefit stretches far beyond an individual piece of content and will allow more people to become aware of your business in the long run.

Provide Targeted Content

Another reason your content should be dubbed is that it will target your content. In today’s day and age, everyone is making content, and there is so much competition that it can be tough to stand out. By dubbing your videos, you can appeal to more people and make your content even more enjoyable to specific groups by creating a version for them rather than one untailored version they must make do with. Viewers appreciate this when the dubbing is of high quality.

Convey Emotions

Finally, by dubbing your videos, you can accurately portray the emotions being conveyed within the content. While it is true that subtitles can preface dialogue with “angry tone – some generic text here,” having someone speak the words and convey the emotion in a language the audience will understand is unrivalled in terms of immersion. This lets the audience understand the tone and the message instantly.