Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
The Importance Of A Boating Community In A Boate’s Life: Explained.

Are you a boating enthusiast looking for your village? We know just what you need: a boating community!

A sense of belonging in what we do is an essential need for every one of us. A community of like-minded people does exactly that. Whether intentionally or otherwise, we are all part of some community. Human beings are social creatures, and that’s just how we roll. Our families, schools, workplaces, and the general society around us gives us the opportunity to fulfil this fundamental human need for affiliation.

Sometimes, however, even this doesn’t cut it. Sometimes you need more. You are so passionate about something that you feel only you and others like you can even begin to understand how important that something is in your life. 

Alright, we can hear you say: “Stop beating about the bush already, and get to the point, will ya?”

And we will. Following is a discussion on the what, where and why of a boating community in a boater’s life.

The What

A boating community is a group of people who are ardent fans of travelling by boat for recreational purposes. The worldwide boating community is more than a million strong. 

Boating is a leisurely activity. It refers to not only the very act of travelling in a boat just for fun but also other leisure and sports activities you can indulge in from the boat, such as fishing, rowing, water-skiing, racing in regattas, canoeing, kayaking and many many more.

Similarly, recreational boats, sometimes referred to as “pleasure crafts”, are of many kinds and can fall into broad categories such as dinghies, paddlesports boats, runabouts, daysailers, cruisers, and cruising and racing sailboats.

No matter the kind of activity you indulge in, or the type of vessel you own, if you are a boating enthusiast, you deserve to be a part of a boating community.

The Where

The boating community you choose to join can be local, international or online. 

Die-hard boating fans are sometimes unsatisfied with just experiencing the wind and the water on the occasional boat ride or sail. Instead, they yearn to live near a body of water they have a particular affinity for. Such people gravitate towards a local community of equally passionate individuals who communally live on the banks of a lake or river, or coast. They completely adopt the boating lifestyle, invest in a waterfront property or prefer communal setups, and contribute to the thriving sense of accomplishment that their boating community offers. 

Retired sailors sometimes form their own communities where they can live out their days on the water, sharing a bond of solidarity with their fellow seamen, forged by common experiences and nostalgia. Jacques Yves Cousteau once said, “The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”

Others may choose to be a member of a boating association or club to satisfy their desire to be a part of a boating community while enjoying the many perks that these organizations often provide. Yet others may sign up for a global boating community for a more international perspective on their hobby and far-reaching networking opportunities.

In this day and age of the Internet, the most common boating community is either one hundred percent online, or half-and-half. The post-pandemic reality that we live in demands that we fulfil most of our socializing needs without ever having to step out and actually meet other people in the flesh. 

Technology can either connect us or disconnect us as a society. It is entirely upto the individual how they wish to use this powerful communication tool. By nature of its purpose, an online boating community comprises enthusiasts of an activity that most certainly is offline. So, as far as an online boating community is concerned, it is a safe bet to say that technology is a boon and not a bane.

Many online boating communities in vogue are vibrant, happening and super convenient for just about any boating buff. Many are even 100% free, and offer all the perks of a premium boating community with no strings attached. Other online communities may need paid membership for premium services. An online boating community may organize offline events where members can meet up and forge long-lasting friendships. 

The Why

Why exactly do you need a boating community? Here are some thoughts.

  • Companionship

What is a community if not an offering of companionship? Whatever activity you particularly fancy, be it regular fishing or rowing, or something more outlandish like kayak surfing, you will surely find many kindred spirits in your boating community. 

  • Practicality

The beauty of a boating community, or any community for that matter, is their practical benefits. Most boat owners are in a league of their own when it comes to obsessing over their vessels. They constantly search for ways to upgrade their existing boats while always keeping an eye out for a good buy. So, no matter what you need to get done, there will be someone from your community who can guide you. Boat registrations, buying, selling, renting, you name it, help is out there! 

  • Mentorship and knowledge

Expanding on the previous point, a boating community gives you a phenomenal opportunity to network with your peers and greatly benefit from the knowledge, mentorship and wisdom that more experienced members may share with you. 

  • Events

Events are all the rage these days. Whether online on a Zoom call, a simple boat party on the docks or at a large-scale event of black-tie grandeur, people who share similar interests and values love to congregate and bond with one another.


If you are a connoisseur of all things boating and love socialising, then you absolutely have to join a boating community to get the best out of your hobby. Membership in a boating community has multifold benefits that can positively impact your passion for boating and your general lifestyle. Find a boating community that best suits your needs and goals. Get inspired by the industry’s top craftsman. Mentor or receive guidance from your peers. Exchange ideas with like-minded people. Open up your heart and talk of what it most desires: boats, boats and more boats!