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Going on a safari is easily one of the most thrilling and beautiful travel experiences you can have, and is guaranteed to be something you will never forget!

If you’ve waited for ages for your safari trip to finally roll around, and you are now in the stages of preparing to head out, you may be wondering what you need to pack in your bag to take with you.

Here’s a definitive list of the essentials you must pack for your safari.

  1. Camera Equipment

No safari trip is complete without some incredible photographs! Even if you’re not a budding photographer, they are brilliant souvenirs to keep for your safari trip.

Point-and-shoot cameras are pretty good at doing the job but getting the best close-up shots is all about having the best possible zoom lens. Unfortunately, an iPhone simply won’t cut it as it won’t have the right kind of zoom to capture those all-important moments.

However, you should not get too distracted by the process of taking photographs. Sometimes, it’s best to simply put the camera down once you have taken some photographs so that you can enjoy the moment. 

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  1. Water

Although we wouldn’t recommend taking snacks with you on a safari in case you attract the attention of some of the animals, we’d strongly suggest that you take some water with you! 

Dehydration can be a killer so you must stay stocked up on water. It’ll also help you to beat the heat. 

Try to stick with an aluminum or steel bottle – or any bottle that is insulated – to keep your water ready to drink. Avoid using plastic bottles on a safari as they’ll start to degrade and leak chemicals into the water at much higher temperatures.

Whatever you do, make sure your bottle is easily portable and lightweight so that you can move it around without any trouble.

  1. Sun Protection

Having sun protection with you should be a staple of traveling regardless of your destination. This is because the sun’s rays beat down every day of the year, regardless of the weather. But it’s especially relevant when you are going on a safari.

It’s likely going to be sunny when you go on a safari, so it’s a good idea to always have a high-factor sunscreen on hand! This may be the most obvious essential on this list, but we just had to include it. 

The temperatures can get very fierce on an African safari. Even if you are heading out at 5 am, you’ll be exposed to the unforgiving heat by the end of your experience as the sun rises into the sky.

You should also always have a pair of sunglasses on hand to help keep your eyes protected if the sun gets a bit too bright. 

  1. Insect Repellents

Insect bites can be painful and itchy at the best of times. Your best bet is to prevent them before they even occur with a quality insect repellent.

Lots of renowned safari destinations are located in areas where bugs like mosquitoes are pretty common. It’s important to take an insect repellent along for the journey so that you can protect yourself against mosquitoes that may potentially spread diseases like malaria.

You need to spray the insect repellent on your clothes and skin to successfully keep away insects from you while you are on a safari.

Even when you aren’t stinging or biting, the presence of insects can severely impact your ability to relax.

  1. A Hat

If your safari is taking place anywhere from 10 am to 4 pm, a hat is an essential tool. This is the time of day when the sun is at its strongest, and you must do whatever you can to protect yourself.

Wearing a hat is specifically great for keeping your head, face, neck, and ears protected from the sun’s UV rays on very hot days, especially if you are fair-skinned. 

However, when out on a safari, you might find that the hat becomes an obstacle for the people around you who want to take some photographs.


Hopefully, you now know the types of essentials that you must pack for your safari! All the items on this list serve a practical purpose to either protect you from the intense heat or simply keep you safe for the entire duration of your safari trip.

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