Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

Shifting to solar energy can lower your bill since you will be solely or partially depending on solar energy as your source of power. This change can greatly lower your electricity bills, you can save up to 70% or even 100% if you go off-grid. With the money you can save from your reduced bill you il surely be able to get your return on investment in no time. The ROI can be returned in 5 to 7 years of solar energy usage. This is the main reason why residents are shifting to solar energy they want to reduce their bills since electricity rates keep on going up.

Environmental friendly


As a solar energy user, you can contribute to the recovery of the environment since solar energy is environmentally friendly and will not emit gases that can harm the environment. This is one of the reasons why New Orleans is pushing their residents to shift to solar energy usage. Having an environment-friendly source of energy can leave you guilty free of damaging the environment.

Renewable source
Solar energy is renewable which means its source is abundant. The tendency of increasing its rate is low which means you can enjoy using solar energy without having to worry about scarcity of source. Renewable energy has also minimal o zero carbon footprint which means it won’t continue the production of greenhouse gas emissions.

Monitored Energy Consumption
Solar energy for homes is continuously increasing in numbers since residents are getting more aware of the benefits solar energy can give them. Most solar providers are offering residential solar panels in New Orleans, so if you are from the area make sure to check on the nearest solar provider so you can inquire about their services if you are planning to shift to solar energy.

What are the benefits of solar energy in a home?
Lesser Electricity Bill
Being able to monitor your energy consumption can help you conserve energy since you know what part of your home consumes much energy and you can reduce it by changing your routine or habits. You can also determine what appliances and devices consume more energy, therefore you can reduce your usage. Consuming energy can help you be more conscious of your energy usage and learn more ways to conserve energy.

Increased home value
Homes with solar panel systems can have an additional value of up to $15,000 if ever you decide to sell your property. Buyers who are aware of the benefits of solar energy would prefer homes with solar panels, which means you have a higher chance of selling your home. The additional value alone can be enough to cover the upfront cost of your solar panel system.

Is it worth it to get solar on your house?
With all the benefits it can give you solar energy can be the best alternative for electricity. The upfront cost may be pricey but it will be a good investment since you can get your money back in 5 to 7 years.

How long do solar panels last?
Solar panels last for 25 years or even more depending on how they ate taken care of. Imagine saving bills for that long, you will not only bring back your ROI but also earn more from using solar energy. As long as you give your solar panels the maintenance they need then they can last long.

Can a house run on solar power alone?
Going off-grid in New Orleans is supported, therefore residents can opt to use solar energy exclusively and depend on the electricity grid anymore. The solar panel can run a house alone as long as supported by a storage battery, so energy can be collected during day time and the energy stored will be used at night time.

Know the benefits of solar energy before your purchase a solar panel system so you can weigh if it can be advantageous on your part. Talk to your solar provider and know more about the details of solar panels so you will know what to purchase and what things to consider. The materials, the brand, and the installer can affect the efficiency of your solar energy, therefore choose wisely.