Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Beat Saber already supports custom music, so you don’t need any more changes if this is what you’re searching for! However, installing SongCore is a good idea because this mod improves loading speeds and provides functionality for other modifications such as the custom leaderboards, in-game downloader, playlists, and so on.

The modding guide is meant to act as a jumping-off point for creating your own Beat Saber for Oculus Quest customizations. Because the Quest modding environment is tiny and fast-paced, some tools, techniques, and best practices may soon become obsolete, and instructional materials may be difficult to obtain. 

To write modifications successfully, you must be smart and aggressive. The goal of this tutorial is to provide you with the tools to discover the information you require, not to provide you with all of the data.

Tips and Prerequisites for Beat Saber Modding:


Beat Saber should be hacked with the most recent BMBF, and Developer Access should be activated on your Quest. You also need to have SideQuest installed on your computer. However, if you’ve installed BMBF without that, you probably don’t need this instruction.

Beat Saber Modding Tips and tricks:

Place a piece of tape over the black sensor on the inner top-center of the headset, above the nose, to prevent the Quest display from going off when you remove it.

To view the VR display without putting on the headset, the video may be streamed from your Quest to your computer using SideQuest.

Wireless troubleshooting may be activated in SideQuest to allow development to take place without the Quest being connected. This can rapidly consume your battery and is not advised. However, it can be handy for playtesting. Keep a few extra AA batteries (or a battery charger!) on hand because your controllers will be drawing a lot of power while creating.

The Use of Beat Saber Mod Assistant:

When used with Beast Saber, Mod Assistant provides a simple one-click solution. If you choose to skip modding tools entirely, you may manually add custom tracks without changing Beat Saber at all. Easily download your customized music from Beast Saber (or elsewhere), which should be in the form of a ZIP file. 25-Dec-2021

Tools and Sites:

There are several tools and websites available for Beat Saber customization. We’ll be installing and using Mod Assistant, as well as searching for and downloading custom maps from the site Beast Saber.

Although we won’t go into it here, BeatDrop 2 is an option for organizing your own maps that you should read up on.

While we like to use Mod Assistant to keep things easy, you may manually download and install custom maps without the use of any external software. Scroll to the bottom of this tutorial to find out how.

Final Verdict:

The modding guide represents that if you have your games installed in a certain spot, or if you have many discs with various applications loaded on them, you should determine your Beat Saber install folder location right now (you should be able to use the Oculus app or Steam to find the location). In this case, the folder you want to pick is ‘hyperbolic-magnetism-beat-saber.