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When new players first step into the world of Lost Ark, they may be curious about the new systems or mechanics of the unique game. And they will feel confused about how to know these new systems well in the beginning of playing. While, new players shouldn’t worry about how to have a good start in Lost Ark. In this article, new players can follow these tips to have a good experience in the game. Meanwhile, players can unlock more essential skills with Cheap Lost Ark Gold in the process of adventures, which will earn more XP for upgrading characters in the game. 

You Need to Pay Attention to Side Quests and Main Quests Equally

In Lost Ark, if players want to level up their characters quickly, they need to complete more and more quests in order to earn more XP for upgrading. While some new players may think that the main quests are more important than side quests in Lost Ark. They can earn more XP by completing more main quests. However, sides quests often show in the same area as main quests. You can’t ignore to accomplish side quests. If not, your characters will face a lot of troubles in the later adventures in Lost Ark. The side quests are associated with main quests. You can complete both of them in order to make your characters grow strongly. 

You Can Fill Out the Adventure’s Tome in Lost Ark

When players reach the level 50 in Lost Ark, you will find that there will be a lot of things to do in the game. Some players may feel confused about which is the right order to do these things in the game. They are trapped in the various activities. However, players can start some activities at first. Such as looking for Mokobo seeds, keeping track of elite bosses, and exploring secret dungeons. You can keep track of these activities in the Adventure’s Tome. It is good for you to set the goal of these activities in 80%, because you don’t need to complete them for times in order to reach the high goal.

You Should Complete Quests With Purpose

During completing quests in Lost Ark, you don’t need to kill all of enemies you meet along the way, because it will not bring you a lot of XP for your character. And you just focus on the target of the quests and try to defeat them quickly, then gain the rewards from quests. You don’t have to waste time on extra fights towards enemies. Your gear and your character’s health will loss because of extra fights. You can also earn a large amount of XP in fishing or hunting in Lost Ark. 

You Should Not Use Potions Or Feathers

When players first step into the new server of Lost Ark, they may receive the presents like Phoenix Plumes and health potions of different levels. While in the beginning of Lost Ark, players should not waste these valuable items on some easy quests, because these good items can help them pull through high levels of quests in the later exploration of Lost Ark. Players can store them in their inventory. When you reach high levels of characters in the Later, you can use them to pass through difficult dungeons in Lost Ark. You need to cherish each kind of potion when you decide to use them in the battles against powerful bosses. 

As players know these essential tips in the beginning of playing Lost Ark, they may know how to make the right decisions when they are facing different situations in Lost Ark. Players may meet some good weapons for characters in the game. You can Buy Lost Ark Gold to unlock them in order to enhance the damage of characters in the battles. 


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