Fri. Jul 12th, 2024
laser hair removal treatment Delhi & Ludhiana laser hair removal treatment Delhi & Ludhiana

Women in India spend huge bucks monthly on waxing to remove their unwanted hair. Waxing is one of the oldest methods for hair removal in which hot wax is spread over the skin and is pulled by strips. Now cold wax strips are also used for a heatless method, but both methods are painful, nevertheless. Waxing is time-consuming and a lot of money goes into it as the results only last for a few weeks. It also results in the loosening of skin and the natural elasticity of the skin is lost over time. We, at AAYNA, believe that laser hair removal in Delhi, Ludhiana is replacing traditional waxing because of the following reasons:

  1. The Stark Difference in Results:

You can get significantly better results in just a few sittings. The sessions are decided based on the hair growth in the target area. The hair growth is reduced by weakening the hair follicles, which inhibits the follicles to produce new hair and simultaneously delays future hair growth. It is a painless procedure with minimum irritation and lasts up to 18 months. It saves time and cost for frequent salon visits and does not damage the skin as waxing does.

  1. The Cost Factor:

Some clients feel that the laser hair removal treatment Delhi & Ludhiana is much costlier, so they continue with waxing. It is a common misconception. Regular waxing is more costly as it needs to be done every month and sometimes even twice a month if the hair growth is fast. The cost adds up with the more areas that you get waxed, and you end up spending a lot in your entire lifetime!

You end up spending comparatively less money if you go for laser hair reduction treatment in Delhi, Ludhiana. The results last longer than a year and all the salon visits are saved. LHR can be done in all the areas where you wish to get rid of unwanted hair. It weakens future hair growth in just a few sessions and the results are effective and long-lasting. It is one of the most economical methods for hair removal and can be done safely on every skin type after consultation. Call AAYNA today to know about the pricing and the offers on laser hair removal in Delhi and Ludhiana.

  1. The Matter of Experience:

It is not a hidden fact that waxing is painful. A person with sensitive skin may face pain of even higher intensity and there may be redness and bumps after the procedure. A common myth is that waxing weakens hair growth over time, but it is not true as it only rips the hair off from the root.

The discomfort involved in laser hair removal Delhi, Ludhiana is minimum while the results are effective and long-lasting. The method involves no pain, and the skin is protected from any damage from the heat by the cooling gel and numbing cream on the target area. AAYNA clinic is well equipped with advanced technology and machines like Soprano Titanium and ND YAG-Cutera which are the best in the industry and give you a comfortable and painless experience.

AAYNA has a wealth of experience in laser hair removal in Delhi and Ludhiana providing skincare services in Delhi and Ludhiana. The laser hair specialists at AAYNA have been performing LHR treatment for over a decade and cater to every skin type after clinical consultation with our dermatologists. It is best to switch from the regular and painful waxing sessions to the cost-effective no-pain hair removal method of laser hair reduction, Delhi/Ludhiana.

Our experts are fully dedicated to providing the best experience of laser hair removal in Delhi/Ludhiana and we offer our services at genuine prices. Call today to book your session and make your life easier with this advanced method of hair removal.