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Accidents happen every day, and some cause more damage than others. No matter what type of accident you’re in, though, it’s normal to feel stressed out. And if you struggle with anxiety, being in an accident only heightens those feelings. 

Hopefully, you won’t get into a car accident in the future. But if you do, and want to remain calm, follow these tips. Staying calm will make it a lot easier as you experience the aftermath of the car accident.


1. Collect Yourself Before Getting Out of the Car 

The accident you experienced may have been minor or more significant. Regardless, if you’re struggling with anxiety, stay in the car for a few moments. Collecting yourself before stepping outside your vehicle allows you to calm down some. 

If you’re seriously injured, it’s vital to stay in the car unless it’s dangerous to do so. The paramedics must assess what’s wrong before pulling you out of the vehicle.

Taking a few minutes before getting out of the vehicle gives you some time to prep. To effectively communicate with others, giving yourself those moments can help immensely. 


2. Take a Few Deep Breaths 

Right after an accident, you’re likely experiencing many emotions. Shock, anger, and sadness are a few things you may feel. 

Instead of dwelling on how you’re feeling, though, take a few deep breaths. Taking a few deep breaths will center you and help you feel like everything’s going to be okay. 

It’s expected that you’re feeling emotional, but now it’s best to remain calm. Taking a few deep breaths will help you stay focused and figure out what to do next. 


3. Keep Your Mind Present

Again, it’s only normal to feel many emotions pop up during an accident. Part of the reason you may struggle, though, is that you’re dwelling on the “what ifs.” 

It’s typical for the mind to cover every worry at that moment. But to handle the situation, do your best to shut it out. 

Instead, keep your mind present and think only of what you need to do at that moment. Staying in the moment will also allow you to calm down and focus on what comes next. 


4. Focus on Relaying the Correct Details 

Another way to stay calm following an accident is by focusing on the details of the accident. An officer will want to know how the accident played out. So, do your best to recall what happened to give them accurate information. 

Thinking about the accident may be troublesome, but it’s vital to give the officer all the correct details. That way, if the accident isn’t your fault, you’ll have given the authorities information to prove that. 


5. Call a Friend or Family Member

If the accident was bad enough to where your car was totaled, you might need to call a friend or family member. Even if the accident wasn’t that traumatic, it might be traumatic to you, and that’s okay. Relying on a person to be there for you can get you through this challenging time. 

You may want them to be there with you right after the accident. If someone is available, have a friend or family member at the accident scene. They can comfort you and remind you that everything will be okay. 

A loved one can also distract you and get your mind off things. If you have to wait while your car gets towed, it’s just a reminder of what happened. Having a friend there to chat with can calm you down. 

Whatsmore, you may not want to deal with the details like calling your car insurance. If you’re too shaken up, a loved one can take care of that for you. 


6. Contact a Personal Injury Attorney 

If you get injured in an accident, you may need outside help. For example, you may be entitled to a compensation settlement. So, later, after getting treated at the hospital, contact an injury lawyer. They can walk you through what needs to take place next. 

Accidents happen everywhere and are more prevalent in cities such as Los Angeles. JT Legal Group has excellent attorneys available in Los Angeles if you need a personal injury lawyer.



If you get into a car accident in the future, you can keep these tips in the back of your mind. 

No one wants to experience an accident, but the reality is they do happen. Knowing how to respond should this happen to you will make it easier to muddle your way through it. 


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