Developing an Amazon business is a challenging endeavor when it comes to growing. However, growing one independently is even more challenging.  Business administration tasks such as inventory control, customer service, advertising, and repricing leave a few hours a day to enjoy the lifestyle you established your company for in the first place. To make this possible, you should introduce Amazon automation into your operations. As a result, you will be able to relieve many of your responsibilities.

What Is Amazon Automation?

It is exactly what you think it is. The process of automating your Amazon business involves the use of a number of tools that streamline the repetitive tasks that need to be performed by all Amazon FBA sellers.

The purpose of today’s article is to give you a few tips on how to automate all the activities involved in Amazon inventory management system. The tips in this article can provide you with an understanding of how to automate your business to drive growth and create more time to enjoy the lifestyle business of your dreams.

Tip# 1. Boost your marketing by using Amazon Email Automation.

It is a well-known fact that few business owners actively take advantage of it by building a list of the email addresses, postal addresses, and telephone numbers of their Amazon customers. In addition to providing your customers with information on new products, you may also send them offers on existing products. Plus, if you are ever planning to sell your FBA business, a list of past customers is an invaluable asset that increases the value of the business. Shoppers’ email addresses no longer appear to be provided by Amazon, and there are often gaps in the other information provided by Seller Central about your customers.

Third-party services can be used to solve this problem, however.

Tip# 2. Create an automated process for launching Amazon products.

Amazon makes it difficult for you to launch your own brand. There is intense competition, and you must work hard to achieve success. It can take a considerable amount of time to locate these initial sales and product reviews. The use of pre-built buyer groups is becoming increasingly common among sellers who are seeking rebates to bolster initial sales. It can be very useful to automate the amazon warehouse system in order to launch new products.

Nevertheless, this shortcut will not serve you well. It is not impossible for Amazon to detect this kind of purchase pattern, and if it does, your reviews will be removed, and you will be penalized. As another way to encourage your customers to purchase your product, you can offer a discount on it. It is important to remember that discounted product sales do not count the same for the purposes of search ranking in Amazon as full-price sales.

Tip# 3. Make Amazon shipping easier by automating the process

Selling with Amazon FBA has the advantage of ensuring that the shipping to the customer is handled by Amazon. The question then arises – what if you have a Shopify store or if you sell via Amazon FBM (fulfillment by merchant) and have to spend a lot of time fulfilling orders manually? It is unnecessary in today’s technologically advanced world.

Tip# 4. Set up Amazon stock reimbursements automatically

It is no secret that Amazon is one of the largest businesses in the world. They have thousands of warehouses located on several continents and employ over 500,000 people worldwide. Whenever an organization as large as this is involved, accidents and mistakes are inevitably likely to occur. Nevertheless, how do you prevent damage to your stock when they do occur? Yes, Amazon usually informs you of any problems, and they’re quite good at refunding your purchase price. Do you believe that Amazon can guarantee 100% accuracy?

Tip# 5. Automate inventory management on Amazon

It can be challenging to determine the ideal stock levels when you are just getting started and attempting to grow quickly. Having a large stock of merchandise available for sale is desirable, but keeping your working capital free should not be a problem.

Inventory management software is used by pro-sellers in order to identify trends and forecast inventory levels. The manual calculation is less time-consuming and more accurate than inventory management software.

Tip# 6. Automatically adjust prices on Amazon

Shoppers’ purchasing decisions are greatly influenced by price, which is among the top three influences. For sure, people prefer to purchase durable, high-quality items, but they also prefer to spend a reasonable amount on such items. As you know, Amazon is notoriously competitive when it comes to pricing, and to stay competitive, you need to keep an eye on the prices your competitors are charging.

It is a real annoyance, though, to manually track your competitors’ pricing. Your competitors can overprice you just seconds after you have adjusted your price, so you must stay on top of it constantly. You will not discover the truth until the next time you wish to check the prices of a company. If you find that your competitors are always lowering prices faster than you do, there is a chance they are employing an automated pricer. A Repricer monitors competitor product prices and adjusts your prices automatically if they change.

There is more to the story than low prices and race-to-the-bottom strategies. By setting a floor price, you will avoid dropping to a price that is not viable for your business. You can raise your prices to take advantage of market demand if your competitors (or Amazon) run out of stock of a hot item. On the market, there are many Amazon repricing tools, including one that Amazon provides as part of Seller Central.

Tip# 7. Set up Amazon PPC advertising automatically

A survey suggests that 44% of shoppers look only at the first two pages of Amazon search results. If your product does not appear on the first two pages for your top keyword, the chances are that you are losing a great deal of traffic. One way of dealing with this issue is by advertising on sponsored listings through pay-per-click. By displaying PPC ads alongside top-ranking products, you are able to attract customers away from them.

The only way PPC campaigns can be managed effectively is by paying close attention to them manually. You will need to automate your sales process if you are selling your products on more than one marketplace.

Tip# 8. Create an automated email system.

In business, it is important to build relationships with people. One method most individuals use for this purpose is e-mail. Your competition may also be attempting to establish connections in the same manner as you.

It is impossible to pay close attention to every email we receive. Each of us receives dozens, even hundreds of e-mails a day. Your emails must grab the attention of your audience from the outset in order to have any chance of being read. Personalization is an effective strategy for achieving this. Our discussion goes beyond simply adding the recipient’s name to the top of the email message.

A number of SaaS products can be used to automatically create and send personalized video emails. You might have better success with your email messages if you send short, personalized videos.

Conclusion Well, that wraps up our list of tools to help you implement Amazon automation into your business and create more time freedom. If you are looking to implement an inventory management system to automate all of your inventory processes, contact Inventooly.