Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

You have likely heard on multiple occasions, perhaps during a presentation of new services or a beauty product expo, about the benefits of offering online appointments at your beauty salon. Although you may be familiar with the concept of online appointments, you may be unfamiliar with the specifics of this program. Providing online appointments at your beauty salon is a fantastic way to stay organized and provide your clients with the choice of selecting their next appointment and desired treatment online. They can access the internet using a computer, a smartphone, or an application.

To be successful, your beauty salon must become popular with customers, who must be able to simply locate you online and book an appointment. DIKIDI software online booking for beauty salons can assist you in simply handling all the bookings without a receptionist. All that your clients must do is select the process, professional if necessary, and a time that is convenient for them and available on the specialist’s schedule.

Here are some of Online Booking for Beauty Salon’s primary functions:

1) Automated reminders:

Special software for online booking often includes functions of sending out automatic reminders. Online bookings are less likely to result in no-shows or cancellations due to automatic reminders. This is excellent news, considering 10% of appointments are typically “lost” due to cancellations or no-shows. The bulk of missed appointments results from cancellations, posing your greatest obstacle. Once an online booking is approved by the beauty salon, spa, or clinic, online booking systems such as DIKIDI will automatically send an appointment confirmation message in the form of an automated notification and a reminder message before the appointment, both of which assist in preventing no-shows.

2) Online Booking: 

The beauty salon sector has joined the technological revolution. Online bookings allow you to improve customer experiences, become more accessible, and prevent scheduling errors. Also, they are handier for your customers and increase your operating efficiency. Customers can only schedule appointments manually while your physical location is open. This excludes customers whose schedules conflict with yours. In contrast, online appointments for beauty salons make you available 24/7.

3) Scheduling appointments: 

Have you ever been disappointed when a beauty salon is closed, and you must wait till it opens to set an appointment? Not the best sensation. DIKIDI online booking for beauty salons ensures that clients are never made to feel unwelcome. That allows them to schedule appointments outside of your business hours.

4) Managing a customer base: 

Maintaining precise and accurate customer base data for a beauty salon is a crucial aspect of the management process. It is the responsibility of salon management to instruct each employee to manage client information, as CRM depends on it (Customer Relationship Management). There are other types of customer management available in the online booking software DIKIDI. Depending on its size and complexity, a beauty salon could use more than one of these options.

  • Shared Inbox Software
  • Messaging and Chat Tools
  • Knowledge Bases
  • Service/Help Desk Software

With this client information, owners and employees may give outstanding service during online appointments. The objective of customer base information is to establish an efficient and straightforward resource for client management and future services.

Online booking widgets

The DIKIDI online booking system for beauty salons includes a sleek, customizable online booking widget, which is an appropriate solution for many beauty salons with customer service departments. Simply modify the widget to your liking, and then start receiving bookings via it. You may embed the widget on Instagram, Facebook, or any other social network that your beauty business utilizes. 

Pricing of DIKIDI 

Once your beauty salon joins up for DIKIDI, you’ll be able to modify your pricing plan with additional features. 

The DIKIDI service provides free access to its primary features, which include:

  • Online booking by all available means
  • Electronic Journal of Appointments
  • Appointment analytics
  • Electronic customer base
  • Push-notifications in the app
  • Chat with clients and employees etc.


Salon scheduling software might be difficult to install and utilize. Because of this, the DIKIDI online booking software for beauty salons is as intuitive as possible. It is simple for consumers to choose a time that works for them and book an appointment with you using this method!