The sun’s shining, you’ve got a week off, and it’s time to have a little rest and relaxation. With holidays abroad looking unlikely for most of this year, many of us are considering the ways in which we can spend a quality summer at home.

Whether you’re thinking about how to maximise your peace and quiet, or would prefer a little action and adventure, here are some of the things you can do to give your summer a boost without going too far away.

Make your own summer retreat

If you’re lucky enough to have a private outdoor space or garden, then you already have exactly what you need to make a summer paradise to relax in.

Spending a few days sprucing up your garden and adding in some special features can create the ideal space for summer evenings and sunny Sundays. Outdoor solar lighting can add a soft glow that lets you squeeze a few more hours out of the warmer nights too.

Putting up sun loungers or a hammock gives you somewhere to put your feet up, while a small outdoor dining area is perfect for entertaining guests when dining al fresco. Consider your finances before going too wild with your summer purchases – going all out could bite you later on if you decide to rebuild your garden from scratch.

Create an action-packed activity weekend

Sitting around with a book or podcast isn’t for everyone. Some people would prefer to be out seeking new experiences and tracking down thrills.

There are plenty of outdoor adventures to be found just outside of many towns and cities, with parks and countryside where you can hike, run, or cycle. You can plan your trip around a stop at a pub or attraction at the halfway point to give yourself chance to rest up before setting off again.

For those scorching hot days, you can search out local lidos or open water swimming venues to splash around in.

Cook up a sizzling summer spread

Bringing around friends and family for a spot of summer dining can be a wonderful experience. Breaking out the barbecue or organising a buffet gives people a chance to have a more informal social gathering with some tasty food.

Any hosts who’ve missed having groups to rustle up new dishes for can flex their cooking muscles and try out some fresh recipes. Many of us have had to shelve group plans for a while, so this summer is a chance to bring people together through food and conversation.

Take a tour of your own town or city

Living somewhere gives you a great sense of the local secrets that can be hidden away, as well as a more intimate knowledge of what your city or town has to offer.

But this can sometimes mean that you miss the bigger, more tourist-centric attractions that can be on offer.

Take a stroll through a local museum or art gallery, visit the more mainstream places, and see your home through fresh eyes. You may discover something completely new that changes your perspective for the better!

These ideas are just the start of your home summer experience. Whatever your interests or hobbies are, this summer is the chance to expand on these and visit the people you may have missed seeing in the last year.