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Since Evolution Gaming launched in the market, it has had quite a substantial capital investment and has become one of the reputable names in the betting industry,  as well as game software development. Evolution Gaming has launched many online casino games to meet the entertainment needs of players, including Craps. And the fact that Evolution Gaming launched live dealer Craps in the US is good news for the betting community in the US in particular and in the world in general.

Why did Evolution Gaming launch live dealer Craps in the US?

And Craps is considered the world’s first betting service organized and published by EG. When launching the Craps live dealer in the US, EG provided the betting community with an additional type of exciting entertainment and made it possible for players to play craps online. With the impression of creating solutions for pioneering online casinos in European countries, the company has gradually expanded the market worldwide. Therefore, providing a diverse casino game platform for the European market, including the US, is very important. Since then, the company’s growth in the betting industry in this potential market has been affirmed. 

How to play online Craps of Evolution Gaming?

At first, if you hear the name Craps, you may feel that this game has a rather annoying and confusing way to play, but if you play the Craps version on theat the EG system, everything will be much simpler.

You’ll receive thoughtful and dedicated guidance with every simple step-by-step gameplay during the game’s setup and design. At the same time, the game’s features are also simplified, making it easy for both new and old players to find information and access services easily.

Compared to traditional Craps, which predict the outcome of two correct or approximate dice that will win, there are many innovations and changes that make your game more prosperous and more unique.

In particular, with the games at Evolution Gaming system, win/loss results are constantly updated as quickly and continuously as possible so that you can understand the status and come up with the best betting strategy for yourself.

Here are 2 steps to get you started with online Craps in the US:

Find a reputable online bookie

Although Evolution Gaming has launched an online craps live dealer in the US, not all bookmakers offer this service. Therefore, you must choose a suitable casino that cooperates with Evolution Gaming to ensure that you will find the live dealer Craps in the games section. When you find a reputable bookie, you must register an account.

Deposit and bet

After registering for an account, you must make a deposit to be able to experience Evolution Gaming’s live dealer Craps. The deposit will depend on the transaction methods of the bookie you choose. And rest assured that all your transactions will be safe and secure. In case the transaction is slower than specified, please contact the customer care team directly for assistance. After a successful deposit, go to the bookie’s casino game section and select Craps provided by Evolution Gaming. About how to play, you can refer to the detailed instructions of the casino.

Bottom line

All in all, Evolution Gaming is a very reputable and well-established major game publisher in the betting industry. Therefore, you can completely trust that the live dealer Craps in the US will bring you incredible experiences at online bookies.  

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