Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Driving during winter can be dangerous if snow and icy roads catch you off guard. Sometimes the weather forecast won’t predict the snow, but that shouldn’t affect your preparedness. If you’re driving year-round, include a winter car emergency kit in the supplies that are always in your vehicle. The last thing you want is to get stranded without spare clothes, warm blankets or food to keep you energized. Keep reading for more essential items that should stay in your winter car emergency kit.

Spare blankets

Whether driving up the mountains or between the cities, a snowstorm can hit out of nowhere, leaving you snowed in. Don’t risk feeling cold and suffering from hypothermia because you forgot to put extra blankets in the trunk. Sometimes you’ll be alone, and other times you will travel with a friend or an entire family. Keep everyone warm until you fix the car or until the snow stops enough for you to continue your journey. 

Warm clothes

Driving during winter is very unpredictable. You never know if you’ll need to stop to put chains on your wheels because a snowstorm came. Maybe you’ll need to get out and see why your car stopped for no apparent reason and won’t start. Keep spare jumpers, turtlenecks, and other chunky clothing items in the trunk, in case you get wet from the snow. You could perspire due to physical strain too. Sitting inside a car wet during cold weather can cause pneumonia or other respiratory issues. There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination ill because you didn’t have enough spare clothes to keep you dry.

First aid kit

First aid kits are one of the necessities you need in your car year-round. Check if all the items are within the expiration date, and change all those that ran out of date. Invest in one of the quality OTF automatic knives to include in the set and have a convenient blade with you. It can come in handy if you need to slice bread or use a knife to fix the car. Automatic knives have multiple uses and will also serve as excellent protection in case you come across an animal.

Snow shovel, de-icer, and de-icing salt

Did you know you can get a fine if you don’t keep your front and rear windows snow-free? Even if there’s only ice on the windows, you must remove it before driving. If your car doesn’t feature heated windscreens, you’ll benefit from bringing a de-icer and icing salt. Use an ice scraper to gently remove the ice to avoid cracking the window or the windshield. A spray bottle of de-icer will help you do the job quickly without spending too much time in the cold. Keep these items in your car because the weather can turn frosty in the blink of an eye. 

Snow chains or snow socks

Snow-friendly tires won’t be enough when the snow kicks in. That’s why you’ll need snow chains or socks for your tires to help keep the car moving when the roads are slippery. Chains improve braking performance while increasing your grip on the road. Before you set off, practice putting the chains and socks on and off. Have an experienced driver help you and advise if you find practicing difficult.

Spare batteries

We usually go on the road with fully charged electronics. However, sometimes you might forget to charge your phone. Other times, you’ll be on the road for too long and not have time to remember to do it. Your phone or other smart devices will run out of battery, leaving you with no way to call for help. Put spare batteries on top of the must-have items in your winter car emergency kit. Aside from portable batteries, pack spare batteries for your flashlight or any other necessity that runs on batteries. You must ensure all your gadgets are functional in case something goes wrong while driving during the winter. 

Final thoughts

Driving is becoming less safe than ever before. That’s why every driver needs to ensure they’re fully equipped with emergency kits. It doesn’t have to mean you’ll be the one in a predicament. Maybe you’ll drive by a person whose car stopped working and will need to assist them. Be prepared for your sake and for anyone else’s because you’re a responsible driver. Don’t rely on the weather forecast too much, but stay prepared for anything. When driving, you need to expect the unexpected, and a winter car emergency kit will help you stay on top of things.