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Tunbridge wells Hospital Taxi

Crowborough Airport Taxi Services rates may vary. The maximum cost of services indicates without taking into account the decreasing and increasing coefficients. A trip along the Crowborough Airport Taxi Ring Road not charge additionally.

When placing an order by phone, always check with the call center operator for the current rates.

The estimated cost of the trip indicate on the service may change depending on the Tunbridge Wells of the Taxi Services, the use of decreasing or increasing (“Hot Hours”) coefficients, in the cases specified in the Terms of Service, as well as in the event of a change in the destination during the trip, stops on at the request of the passenger and in other cases. When changing the cost of a trip in these cases, the price calculate base on the tariffs of the Taxi Tunbridge Wells Services indicated on the service.

Crowborough Airport Taxi Services

When calculating the cost of a trip from the airport and to the airport, traffic jams on the route take into account. Free waiting time when ordering from the airport – 10 minutes, to the airport – 5 minutes. The cost of the trip can increase by taking into account the “Hot Hours” coefficient, in cases specified in the Terms of Use of the Service.

Paid cancellation is apply in case of cancellation of the order from the moment the taxi submits using the functionality of the service or absenteeism to the submitted taxi. The cost of paid cancellation calculates in the same way as the cost of the trip for the period of time from the moment the taxi actually arrives at the place of origin or the moment of delivery indicated in the order information (whichever is later) until the cancellation of the order, or in the amount of the cost of paid delivery ( if applicable) or the minimum fare for the applicable fare. In case of paid cancellation of an order at the airport, the Tunbridge Wells Taxi rates for the city are applied, with the exception of the delivery cost, which is calculated as a taxi delivery out of the city according to the Tunbridge Wells Taxi.

Tunbridge Wells Taxi”Economy”

Without exaggeration, this Tunbridge Wells Taxi can be called the most popular among the entire Taxi Tunbridge Wells taxi line.

It imposes more serious requirements on cars than in the Start Tunbridge Wells Taxi. The vehicle must cost no less than 200,000 pounds. The age of the vehicle must not exceed ten years. The technical condition of the vehicle must be in good condition.

The presence of airbags is mandatory, and the interior of the car must be in a roadworthy condition. Old foreign cars in good condition or new Tunbridge cars are suitable.

Tunbridge Wells Taxi” Children’s”

Drivers who have been trained at the Yandex Taxi center are allowed to order in the “Children’s” Tunbridge Wells Taxi. To activate this tariff, contact the partner park.

Only vehicles that meet the higher fare standards can pass the fare eligibility check. Pay special attention to ensure that child seats and boosters are clean and in good working order, and vehicles: