Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

The Holiday season is just around the corner. Heck, the Thanksgiving atmosphere is already in the air, which is why many providers and online casinos have already started promoting thanksgiving slots. Yep, the world of real money slot always does its best to stay up to speed with the ongoing seasons. Summer mayhem, Halloween specials, online Thanksgiving slots… soon we’ll have Christmas specialties as well.

So, if you are ready to get yourself into the festive spirit, perhaps finding the best Thanksgiving slots is exactly what you need.

What Are Thanksgiving Slots?

This is fairly straightforward – Thanksgiving slots are slots either based on Thanksgiving symbols (turkeys being by far the most popular one) or have been specifically developed for the purpose of being a Thanksgiving special.

If you look deeper into the best real money slots with Thanksgiving themes, you will notice some of them are just “reskinned” versions of popular slots. But, for the most part, we’re looking at real standalone casino games that will help get you into the festive spirit.

Why Should You Play Thanksgiving Slots?

The real question is, why not? If you’re a fan of real money online casinos and Thanksgiving is your favorite holiday, the following slot gacor ought to be right up your alley:

6 Outstanding Thanksgiving Slots You Should Try Right Now

So, let’s get down and dirty and check out the seven best Thanksgiving slots you can play this holiday season:

Chase the Turkey

Chase the Turkey is a fine specimen in the Thanksgiving slots niche. With 5 reels, 27 pay lines, and massive jackpots, this one is bound to be a proper hit this holiday season. The payout percentage is at 95.82 which might not be the best. But, if you’re a sucker for real money slots based on a Thanksgiving theme, look no further than this BetUS holiday special.

Turkey Luck

Developed by TLM, Turkey Luck offers an interesting Thanksgiving-themed experience to gamblers across the world. The design is charming, revolving solely around Thanksgiving and its biggest symbol – Turkeys. Yep, just like the majority of other online Thanksgiving slots on this list.

There’s no progressive jackpot with this one, but BetUS casino does offer free spins which is something lots of gamblers will appreciate. The minimum stake is $0.01, which makes it one of the best options not just for people looking for Thanksgiving slots but people looking for low-stakes slots as well.

Wild Casino Thanksgiving Slots

American Diner

Developed by Dragon Gaming, this mobile-friendly Thanksgiving slot offers 5 reels, 10 pay lines, as well as wild symbols. The atmosphere is, just like the name suggests, based on the traditional American diner. It’s not exactly

Hello New York

Next up on our list of the best online Thanksgiving slots this season is Hello New York. It’s one of the featured slots on Wild Casino, which is why we’re featuring it here. The animations are smooth, and the graphics are at a solid level too. FlipLuck made sure their slots look and feel modern.

As for the technicalities, Hello New York offers generous bonuses, 4 rows, and 5 reels. RTP amounts to 93.95% which is on the lower end of the Thanksgiving slots listed in this piece. If you don’t see that as a big issue, you should be happy with what Hello New York has to offer.

Holiday Season

Play’N Go’s Holiday season isn’t exactly the first choice for Thanksgiving. Why not? Well, it’s built to be a winter holiday special. For many people, though, Thanksgiving is like an introduction to what’s to come in December… and Holiday Season perfectly depicts that.

Holiday Spirits

Play’N GO has another interesting real money slot to get us into the festive spirit. Holiday Spirits is the name, and it offers a graphically pleasing atmosphere, smooth animations, and plenty of ways to win.

Granted, this is another slot that’s based more on Christmas than Thanksgiving. But, let’s not be that selective here – the holiday season is just around the corner and these real money slots are bound to provide the necessary hype.