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Snorkeling SpotsBest Snorkeling Spots In Mahe

Offering hiking, surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, diving, snorkeling, canoeing, and kayaking among the many adventure sports available, the Seychelles islands are an adventure seeker’s heaven. You’ve come to the perfect destination if snorkeling is on your bucket list. The finest locations for snorkeling in Mahe, the largest island in the Seychelles archipelago will be discussed in this article. 

North Mahe’s Favorite Snorkeling Locations

Beau Vallon

Another popular tourist location is Beau Vallon, which is located in the northern portion of Mahe. It is where you can find Seychelles villas with a private pool such as the ones in Story Seychelles Hotel and Resort. 

Due to the presence of numerous dive operators who offer snorkeling trips for you to experience the underwater world and observe creatures such as lionfish, frogfish, scorpionfish, stonefish, sharks, octopus, shoals of barracuda, shoals of eagle rays, and more, snorkeling is a wonderful idea here. Buses, taxis, and cars all provide easy access to Beau Vallon, and there is plenty of parking near the shore.

In addition, three times a week, Story Seychelles Hotel, the hotel with the best beach pool villas in Seychelles offers guided snorkeling experiences for adults and children. At the Pool Cabana, the resort provides snorkeling equipment. Their Reef Safari is a full-day activity and adventure-packed experience. Sail the waters, enjoy snorkeling beneath the waves, and sample Creole food.

Port Launay

Port Launay, the same as Baie Ternay, is located in northwestern Mahe and contains a marine park, however, unlike Baie Ternay, it is accessible by Port Launay Road. Because of the abundance of coral reefs, whale sharks, eels, rays, sea turtles, angelfish, parrotfish, demoiselles, barracudas, and other marine life, Port Launay is a popular snorkeling destination. 

This location is frequently visited by snorkelers and other visitors because of the shallow water and lack of strong waves, which favor a variety of different water activities, besides the protected aquatic life. In addition, the two hotels here are considered as among the best beach resorts in Mahe, Seychelles, and a restaurant in the area.

Baie Ternay Marine Park

It is among the island’s finest snorkeling places for beginners due to its calm and serene and shallow waters with small waves. Baie Ternay Marine Park is an offshore park on Mahe’s northwestern coast that is only accessible by charter boats.  

Aside from sea turtles, dolphins, well-camouflaged moray eels, hawksbill turtles, catfish, and whale sharks, tourists may anticipate exploring mangroves, colorful coral reefs, and sea-grass beds in this marine park, which serve as feeding grounds for turtles.

Sunset Beach

Notwithstanding its small size and congested nature, Sunset Beach, located in the far north of Mahe, is a popular snorkeling spot. It is due to the presence of beautiful corals, silver moon, demoiselles, sea turtles, beautiful corals, butterflyfish, surgeonfish, parrotfish, white tip sharks, eagle rays,  and labrus, among other underwater wildlife. Sunset Beach is easily accessible by bus, vehicle, or taxi due to its proximity to Beau Vallon and Victoria. 

Anse Major

Anse Major in north Mahe is also a snorkeler’s paradise, with green birdmouth wrasse,  blue-spotted grouper, white-spotted boxfish, different species of moray eels, three types of angelfish – emperor, three spots, and semicircle – and pristine corals, other than having a lovely hiking path. It is not particularly suitable for tourists due to a lack of restaurants, lodging, or other facilities near the snorkeling spots.

South Mahe’s Favorite Snorkeling Locations

Anse Royale

The availability of some Seychelles hotels and resorts, as well as its accessibility to the airport (10 km), draw people to this beach, which is one of the most popular and large beaches in Seychelles. Many activities, including snorkeling, are available at Anse Royale. It is ideal for beginners because the water is quiet and shallow (less than 2 meters deep). 

You can view colorful corals, starfish, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, snappers, sponges, mantas,  blue-spotted spinefish, blue-spotted grouper, snappers, sponges, mantas, and more if you snorkel here. Snorkeling should be done during low tides for safety reasons.

Anse Soleil

Snorkeling is popular at Anse Soleil, which is located on Mahe’s southwestern coast. Due to big waves and steep drops close to the coast, this one is better suited to experts rather than beginners. Expect to see shoals of silver moony, semicircle angelfish, sergeant major fish, spotted eagle ray, emperor angelfish, three spot angelfish,  spotted eagle ray, and a multitude of multi-colored and blue corals, green and pink polyps, and massive granite structures when snorkeling here. 

The nearest bus stop is 200 meters from the beach, while the airport is 19 kilometers away. Anse Soleil is very well accessible to other parts of Mahe by buses or cars. 

Anse Takamaka

Crystal clear waters, golden sands, palm trees, and takamaka trees define Anse Takamaka, one of Seychelles’ many picturesque beaches. Turtles,  corals in a variety of colors, stingrays, eels, and schools and shoals of different species of fish such as scissortail sergeant, clown surgeonfish, and scribbled butterflyfish, to mention a few, can all be seen when snorkeling here. 

Even though the water is calm and shallow, currents can occur, so snorkelers should exercise caution. Cars and buses connect the location to other parts of the island, and the closest bus station and parking lot are only 50 meters away from the beach. Because there are so few diving operators in Anse Takamaka, snorkeling requires bringing your own gear.

Petite Anse

It is another excellent snorkeling spot near Anse Soleil, in the Baie Lazare neighborhood, with fewer tourists, allowing you to admire the underwater scenery in solitude. Massive granite rocks will captivate you, as will cornetfish, wrasse, batfish, moorish idols, squids, octopus, and hawksbill turtles. West Coast Road is a good way to get there.

Snorkeling Gear

With customizable schedules, allowing you to choose what suits you best, most diving companies provide a variety of snorkeling experiences. They will give snorkeling gear such as a mask, tube, and fins, as well as other perks such as refreshments and hotel pick-up and drop-off. 

The diving establishments are usually run by locals who are familiar with the area and can recommend the fines sites for snorkeling. Remember that they have PADI and NAUI qualified staff, so follow their instructions. Do your research before making any plans because rates vary depending on the season. Avoid disturbing the underwater creatures, that is the most important rule of all.

When Is The Best Time To Snorkel In Mahe?

Snorkeling is one of the best resort activities in Seychelles. The months of April-May and October-November are ideal for snorkeling in the Seychelles. The absence of the Southeast trade winds, which impair underwater vision and increase the abundance of seaweed in the water and along the shores, keeps the waters of the Indian Ocean as clear as a mirror during these months. 

With water temperatures of 29 degrees Celsius, visibility is nearly 30 meters. Snorkeling in the Seychelles is possible all year so don’t panic if your trip isn’t schedule at this time. 

Nature always continues to fascinate me. The numerous varieties of marine flora and wildlife in which you are certain to see when snorkeling will reinforce this. Don’t wait any longer, snorkeling can be included in your Story Seychelles booking. There’s a whole new world waiting for you, therefore put your inhibitions aside and dive into the sea.