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Vietnam has a long shoreline of 3260km with a myriad of islands and archipelagos, which have become tourist attractions and must-visit destinations on your journey. Let’s get closer to the three most stunning islands in Vietnam, which are Phu Quoc, Cat Ba, and Con Dao.

1 – Phu Quoc island – top 3 islands in Vietnam

Phu Quoc or Pearl Island is the largest island in Vietnam with an area of 574m2, a length of 50km, and the highest point of 603m. This is the most beautiful island in Kien Giang Province, attracting a huge number of domestic and international tourists every year.

There are two distinct seasons on the island: the rainy season and the dry season. The rainy season starts from May to October, of which the month with the highest rainfall is in September and October. The dry season in this Vietnam island lasts from November to April in the following year, featuring fine weather with sunlight and low rainfall, which is suitable for outdoor activities. Visiting Phu Quoc island in the dry season provides the best experience to discover the turquoise beach and stunning surroundings.

Phu Quoc Island is one of the best islands in Vietnam – Source: Tam Mai

Bai Sao (Sao beach)

Being one of the most gorgeous beaches in Phu Quoc, Bai Sao beach stretches 7km along the coastline with a curved shape, featuring a smooth white sandy beach, clear blue seawater, and calm waves, creating a breath-taking and peaceful scenery. Every September and October, many starfish swim ashore on Bai Sao, creating a unique scene, which is also the origin of its name. 

Bai Sao in Phu Quoc island – a beautiful island in Vietnam, is an ideal option for families with kids and those who enjoy exciting activities such as diving to watch corals, riding water scooters, gliding, and kayaking, etc. Besides, enjoying local specialties is a must-try experience when visiting this charming beach where you will be flooded with delicious seafood dishes such as Ham Ninh crabs, grilled Bien Mai scallops, and herring salad, etc.

Bai Dai (Long Beach)

Bai Dai or Long beach is located in the Northwest of Phu Quoc island, 15km long from Cua Can beach to Ganh Dau cape. Like many other islands in Vietnam, Phu Quoc owns many gorgeous beaches and Bai Dai is the most beautiful one. This beach is famous for its pristine beauty with calm stretching turquoise sandy beaches, combined with the blue sky dotted with layers of white clouds, which creates a tranquil and stunning scenery.

The beach boasts its utmost beauty in the period from November to March or mid-April to June, when the weather is nice, mild, sunny, appropriate for entertainment activities. Apart from sightseeing, you can experience a wide array of activities like swimming, kayaking, camping, snorkeling, fishing, or having an outdoor BBQ party. 

Hon Thom cable car – Source: Dac Duy

Hon Thom island

Phu Quoc island is one of a few islands in Vietnam that has a sea-crossing cable car system. Hon Thom island – a part of Phu Quoc island, is renowned for not only pristine natural landscapes but also a myriad of the most interesting attractions. One of the most striking features on the island is the world’s longest sea-crossing three-wire cable car with a length of 7899.9m. From here, you can admire the beauty of Phu Quoc island, characterized by the jade-colored seawater, sparkling ripples, green primeval forests, and the winding white sandy beach. Sun World Hon Thom Park is a should-not-miss place on Hon Thom island. The other outstanding spot is Trao beach with rustic beauty and is considered as the center of entertainment with ample fascinating activities such as kayaking, canoeing, parachuting,…

Grand World Phu Quoc

Grand World Phu Quoc is an important factor that makes Phu Quoc the best island in Vietnam to visit. Well-known as the “heart” of Phu Quoc United Center, Grand World Phu Quoc is a complex of entertainment, relaxation, shopping, and art, consisting of 23 distinct zones with different functions, meeting all your needs. You can have a chance to immerse yourself in “Venice in Vietnam” on Love Lake on the Gondola boat, admiring the ancient houses along the river. Next to the Love Lake is Shanghai Gate, which is a miniature of bustling Shanghai, gloriously decorated with Chinese lanterns. Other captivating places should not be missed such as the Teddy Bear Museum, Urban Park with unique architectural works, and Bamboo House, Beach Square,..

2 – Cat Ba island – top 3 islands in Vietnam

Cat Ba island – Source: Eirik Skarstein

Cat Ba is actually an archipelago in Hai Phong, consisting of 366 islands in different sizes, outstanding with pristine beauty, which is incredibly suitable for summer vacations or holidays with your family and friends. The island is like a mysterious gigantic green carpet, which is recognized as the world’s biosphere reserve by UNESCO and is a must-visited destination in your vacations in Vietnam.

The best time to visit Cat Ba is during summer, from April to October, when the weather is relatively cool, absolutely suitable for relaxation and swimming. Particularly, in May, June, and July is the peak time for tourists coming to this Vietnam island. From November to the following March, the island seems quieter, but this is the best time for sightseeing.

There are numerous scenic beauty places you are able to discover on the island:

Cat Co beach

The beach consists of three sectors which are Cat Co 1, Cat Co 2, and Cat Co 3, which are linked with each other by a wooden bridge, surrounded by lush forests. The largest and most spectacular beach is Cat Co 1, which features a white sandy beach, crystal clear seawater, and fresh air, captivating a large number of visitors. Cat Co 2 is voted in the top most gorgeous beaches in Southeast Asia with a peaceful atmosphere, and surrounded by majestic mountains. Cat Co 3 in this island in Vietnam is quite different from the rest, typical of the modern facilities including top-notch sea-view hotels and luxurious resorts. 

Cat Ba Monkey island

Monkey island – Source: Rowan Heuvel

Monkey island or Cat Dua island is characterized by numerous wild pineapples and monkeys, which is also the highlight of the island. There are two beaches on the island: Cat Dua 1 and Cat Dua 2. The former is suitable for outdoor activities such as swimming, kayaking, and sightseeing while the latter features a diversity of pineapples, white apples, etc., and a variety of birds, which is absolutely worth discovering.

Cat Ba National Park

Cat Ba island is one of a few islands in Vietnam that has a vast national park. This national park is located near the northeastern shore of Vietnam on Cat Ba island with an area of 152km2, which is regarded as a Special Use Forest and the World’s Biosphere Reserve. Currently, many marine ecosystems and terrestrial forests are well-preserved in Cat Ba forest, which includes over 282 species of plants and almost 800 species of animals. Coming to the park will bring you closer to nature, respect the wildlife, and enjoy the soothing moments in the tranquil forests. Trekking and discovering the natural forests are the two most popular activities when visiting Cat Ba National Park.

3 – Con Dao island – top best islands in Vietnam to visit

Con Dao is a large archipelago, belonging to Ba Ria Vung Tau Province, and includes 16 islands with an area of 76km2. This is a tourist magnet because of its critical historical relics, breath-taking scenery, and captivating cultural destinations.

Con Dao island – Source: VnExpress

The island is in a sub-equatorial climatic zone, divided into two distinct seasons. The rainy season lasts from May to November, and the dry season starts from December to April of the next year. The ecosystem here is very diverse with 1,383 species of marine life and 144 species of animals. This Vietnam island is also a great place for diving and surfing.

Con Son is the largest island on Con Dao with an area of 51.52km2, having plenty of mineral resources. Visiting the island, you will have an opportunity to discover indigenous people’s daily life by going offshore with locals or paying a visit to local markets, or sampling fresh seafood in restaurants along the streets.

Dam Trau beach

Dam Trau is the most charming beach on Con Dao. This pristine but romantic beach features lush primitive forests, vast space, stretching white sandy beaches with colorful coral reefs, and especially rock blocks in unique shapes, which is the best option for check-in. Having a picnic or setting up a campsite overnight on the beach is another fun experience. You can also go swimming, snorkeling to admire corals and enjoy the soothing moments in poetic landscapes.

Con Dao prison

Con Dao prison – Source: Internet

Visiting Con Dao island – the best island in Vietnam, you have the chance to learn more about the Vietnamese war at Con Dong prison. This prison is a special historic relic, concentrating the most notorious prison system of France and the United States in the war through the tight cell systems and torture devices. The most outstanding one is tiger cages, which are considered the most gruesome place of confinement with an area of 5,000m2, featuring 120 solitary confinement rooms together with no-roof 60 cells. Another place inside the campus is cow sheds, which were originally used for raising cows, but later became places to torture prisons.

The three most spectacular islands in Vietnam above promise to bring you a memorable experience to immerse yourself in wonderful nature, discover the rustic life of indigenous people, and get more insight into the national history.

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