Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Flying to Ottawa? Discover our handpicked list of activities that you just can’t miss while you’re in the nation’s capital before you start packing!

We often fail to remember that Canada consists of much more than simply Quebec, Montreal, or Toronto. Ottawa, the capital of Canada, is an exceptional city that provides a one-of-a-kind combination of tourism, culture, quality of life, and natural beauty. Canada is also the name of the country’s capital city. In short, it has everything to offer to lure the traveler in you. Excited to go? Get packed, start planning, book delta airlines reservations online, and save up to 45% off on round trips on every flight. To make it easy for you here is everything that you must not overlook:

The ByWard Market is located (Historic ByWard Market)

The ByWard Market neighborhood is the place to go if you want to discover market garden items, and handicrafts, have a bite to eat, have a drink with friends, enjoy the nightlife with its fantastic restaurants and highly fashionable clubs, or any combination of these things. Take a seat on a patio, have a drink, and enjoy the ambiance of the ByWard market as you observe the constant commotion and buzzing that goes on throughout the day!

The Museum of Canadian Civilization is located in Ottawa (or Canadian Museum of History)

The Canadian Museum of Civilization is a magnificent institution that details the entire history of all Canadian cultures as well as the numerous accomplishments that have been accomplished across the country. It is situated on the banks of the Ottawa River in Gatineau (not in Ottawa) and faces Parliament Hill. It is well known for being the location that has the most number of totems in the whole globe. 

This is the Rideau Canal.

The Rideau Canal is a well-known historic landmark that runs from the Saint Lawrence River to the Ottawa River and offers a secure passageway between the two sides of the country. This location is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site; during the winter months, you may ice skate for free on the biggest rink in the world at this location. Canoeing, pedal boating, and cruise ship excursions are just some of the water-based activities that are available to tourists that visit Ottawa during the warm summer months. 

The several parks in the area

Aside from Parliament Hill, the city of Ottawa is home to a number of other parks, including Major’s Hill, which is where the Franco-Ontarian Festival is held; it is a reasonably shaded park that does not allow dogs, and it is one of the few parks in the city that does not have any restrooms. It is not unusual to come across marmots or squirrels in the woods. Because of its proximity to the National Gallery of Canada and the fact that snow sculptures are only on display during the winter months, Jacques-Cartier Park is a destination that should not be missed at this time of year. There is also Confederation Park. Which is located a little farther in the heart of the city along Elgin Street. 

The Restaurant and Food Industry

In recent years, Ottawa’s food scene has flourished, and the city’s restaurants and chefs have made a name for themselves both nationally and internationally. The restaurants in Ottawa provide a wide variety of cuisines. Do you have a preference for the cuisine of France, Italy, or China, or do you like seafood more? Do you feel like eating something that’s a little bit different and unusual for a change? You will unearth every single item. 

The many annual celebrations

Festivals of every imaginable variety may be found all around Canada, including in Ottawa. To begin, there is Winterlude, which is an event that takes place close to the Rideau Canal. Not only will you have the option to skate during this event, but you will also be able to see incredible ice sculptures and even consume beaver tails (pastry Canadian that looks like a waffle). Then, you may go to the Ottawa International Jazz Festival, which is one of the most important events in the city and is known all over the globe for the high quality of the performances it hosts. 

If you want to see some of the most famous names in modern jazz, you should attend this festival. Another event that should not be missed is the Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival. This mesmerizing spectacle will enchant people of all ages with its various bizarrely shaped hot air balloons and its enchanted environment.


Just like any other respectable capital, Ottawa gives its guests the opportunity to learn about and investigate the history of the nation it presides over. However, it also provides them with appealing urban and outdoor activities that are well known all over the globe. Plan your Canadian vacation with AirlinesMap and make your trip worth visiting. Also, take lots of pictures and indulge in exciting experiences..!