Sun. Jul 14th, 2024
Unique Opportunity

Since time immemorial, you may have heard of the Guru. He is someone whom we all respect and follow. In the modern days, the Guru has converted to teachers. No matter, what you call them, the best gurus can change the course of your life. When you undertake Yoga Teacher Training in India, you are probably getting on the path to learn everything that the guru knows. The guru never keeps anything as a secret from his disciples. 

The story of the Guru goes a long way back, as far as we can remember. It can be related to all fields of study. But here we are paying special attention to the guru of yoga. The Adidev, Shiva had passed on the knowledge of yoga to the Saptarishis. And, from there on the sages or rishis took their path and started propagating the knowledge. The science and philosophy of this all-encompassing subject called Yoga, is incomplete without a guru. You cannot master yoga, just by reading a few books. 

The Guru On The Path Of Yoga 

When you enroll for a course at a renowned Yoga School in India, you are paving the pathway for your own knowledge. There is a huge importance of that of the Guru-Shishya Parampara, which is passed from one generation to another. It is basically a Sanskrit term, that means the passing of knowledge from one person to another, in an order of hierarchy. It is a direct and priceless experience, that exists between the Guru and the shishya. In order, for the correct teachings to circulate, there should be a guru and a shishya. You, as a student have to completely surrender yourself to the guru, and only the, can you gain the knowledge. 

However, it has been seen over a period of time, that the real meaning of this purpose is forgotten. Many people have deviated from the real purpose of yoga. The Guru-Shishya relationship is also missing. There are several schools that are arising out of nowhere in countries like India, but are all respectful of the relationship status and yoga, in general? You should look up to schools like Yoga Vidya Mandiram, where this relationship is still followed. Here you will understand the true essence of the relationship and the pathway of transfer of knowledge. You will find the Guru, teaching the disciples all that he knows, off. There is nothing to hide here. However, many modern teachers do try to keep things hidden, to maintain their authenticity. The nature of yoga at the school in Rishikesh, is way above this demeanor. 


Yoga is a divine search, where you will ultimately become one with nature. In all things divine, the Guru has an important role to play. Moreover, to understand spiritual truths, book perform half the work. You cannot understand the very essence just by reading a yoga book. The Guru can only guide you, as he is the ultimate facilitator. 

Qualities of a True Guru 

When you visit for the Yoga Teacher Training in India, you must ensure to check if these qualities are present in the gurus. They are:

  • Knowledge – This is something, that you probably have come looking for. It is the right or correct knowledge about yoga. It is something very different from intellectual knowledge. It is something, that is inborn. Your guru should have this deeper awareness, that comes from experience. Deep meditation is often behind it as well. 
  • Righteousness – The guru should also have the ethical capabilities. The guru should also be able to segregate the right from the wrong. The ego should be absent from a guru, and only then, will he be able to perform any act with kindness and righteousness. It is the path of his dharma. The true teacher is always devoid of any sort of ignorance, no matter what it is like. 
  • Humility – It is yet another quality, that a teacher must have. The ability to remain humble at all times, translates into this quality. The real teacher or knowledgeable person will always be humble. 
  • Compassion – A guru who is devoid of compassion, is not a guru. He is a mere transferer of knowledge. However, your guru must be able to retain his sanity, while helping the others. Your guru must not be affected by any sort of pain. He should also have the power to retain his demeanor at all times, while empathizing or sympathizing. 
  • Self-sacrificing nature – The guru should also have a self-sacrificing nature. It is the inherent ability of a guru to forego his own needs, for a greater cause, is what counts towards the presence or absence of this quality. An enlightened guru always stays on his chosen path, no matter what the circumstances around him. He should be able to guide the ones who are dependent on him for knowledge and guidance. 

So, when you visit India, you get the biggest opportunity of your life to train under a learned guru. The Yoga School in India follows the tradition to and from the core of the heart. 

Final Words

The yoga Guru or teacher plays a vital role in shaping your confidence. He is a teacher, a mentor, a guide and a facilitator. He can give you a shoulder to cry on, and also punish you or reprimand you, when you are wrong. 

But according to one of the greatest yoga gurus, the guru’s sole responsibility does not stop with the above actions. If you, as a disciple become clingy, the guru will chop the ties. The guru also takes up the responsibility to cut of all your ego ties. If there is yoga, there cannot be bliss. The guru also insists on independence. 

But, being a guru is not the goal. However, it is a process. So, you should check this nature in the guru, who is out there, wanting to help you. Do not keep any pre-conceived notions, but take each day as it is. The guru sometimes, teaches without words or actions, so you have to keep note of that as well. Get enriched with the wholesome experience today.