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Proposing marriage with a special ring is a tradition that dates back to Egyptian time period. In the olden days, the ring would symbolize commitment to an eternal relationship. It even conveyed a message to bachelors that a female with a ring on her left hand’s ring finger is unavailable for courting. 

In our modern era, an engagement ring enables family and friends to know that you are heading down the aisle. This small, round object is incredible – it reminds you how you fell in love, why you committed for the best and the worst to your partner, through happiness and sickness, and everything you look forward to experiencing together in the future. It is a moment to be treasured for life, so you certainly desire to buy something extraordinary to slip on your beloved’s ring finger. The majority of guys choose diamond rings to propose with. 

Special Ring Style and Diamond Color for Your Engagement Ring 

The classic solitaire style ring has a single gorgeous diamond set on top of a precious metal band. It is a simple ring which makes a bold statement. It is a timeless and antique design but there are many other styles you can choose for your partner. Besides solitaire, the other iconic styles are halo and diamond wedding band you can look for your other half. 

Choose a Unique Style for Your Diamond Engagement Ring

  1. Three-stone diamond or trilogy ring

The ring has three precious diamonds with the center one a little larger and two small stones on the side complementing it. It symbolizes every special phase in a committed couple’s life. One stone represents the shared memories of the past. The second one signifies your commitment toward togetherness, and the third diamond illustrates the special moment to be shared in the future. 

  1. Infinity diamond ring

An Infinity diamond ring signifies an infinite loving relationship. The band is formed from a chain of diamonds connected forever. Tradition commands the couples to wear a wedding ring on the left hand’s ring finger, where the engagement ring is also worn. Couples can get married with an infinity ring incorporating an infinity sign on the top in different variations. In addition, they can choose an eternity ring to be worn in flush with the proposal gemstone ring.

  1. Double diamond style

Two diamonds are gaining popularity amongst celebs. They characterize the groom-to-be and the bride-to-be joined together for life to eternity. The shape and size of the diamonds are the same but you can play with contrasting stones. Pear and square cut is an exclusive combination, and so is trillion and round. 

  1. Customized diamond ring

Online jewelry stores offer a ring customization tool, which helps the groom to create a one-of-a-kind ring for their bride from the sketch and gain a preview before placing an order. If you are an artist, then draw a design and have it custom-made according to your idea. 

Let a Fancy Colored Diamond Represent Your Love

Besides brilliant white, diamonds are available in every color. Fancy-colored diamonds as center stones are gaining popularity because of their symbolism. If you are considering –

  • Yellow diamond – Symbolizes happiness, love, and positivity. It means the start and continuation of a happy and long relationship.
  • Pink diamond – It exhibits love, romance, and creativity. The pink diamond will speak volumes about the rarity of passion you share with your partner. 
  • Blue diamond – It indicates trust and faith, the two crucial qualities essential in every relationship to last forever. 
  • Orange diamond – It represents enthusiasm, courage, and optimism. 
  • Purple diamond – It implies royalty, passion, magic, and mystery. It helps to bring balance to relationships and life.
  • Green diamond – It is symbolic of harmony and the natural world. Green stones also represent prosperity, abundance, strength, and long life. It brings a positive symbolism to a relationship.
  • Red diamond – It displays intense power, passion, and eternal love. 
  • Black diamond – The meaning of black diamond is the same as colorless or white diamonds – love, faith, and strength. Black diamond even indicates passion, certainty, and longevity. 

Diamond cut style

Round diamonds are increasing in popularity. The shape offers exceptional light performance, fire, and maximum sparkle. Intense sparkle allows hiding inclusions. 

It means you can buy an affordable round diamond with low clarity. The oval shape offers an elongated shape, while the pearl cut gives your finger a slim effect. The emerald cut has a flattering rectangular shape and linear facets resembling the set of stairs. 

Having a Diamond Truly Unique for Your Engagement Ring

Technology has made it possible to create diamonds from the carbon extracted from hair. The purified carbon undergoes HPHT [high-pressure high-temperature] procedure just like the natural diamonds in the earth’s crust. Ultimately, a rough diamond is created and it undergoes cutting and polishing like natural stones. 

A diamond made from hair carbon can be set in a custom ring. You can make a diamond ring from the very essence of you or/and your partner for a truly unique engagement. Jewelry California based brand Sunny Eden™ offers diamond rings that are GIA and IGI certified, and they are in average 30% less costly than mined-earth diamonds.If your budget does not allow you to buy a natural diamond engagement ring for your beloved then opt for a lab-grown diamond.A diamond created in a lab environment is as real as a mined diamond. However, the difference cannot be seen with the naked eye. Gemologists can use a nitrogen chemical to check the difference between natural and lab-grown diamonds. In natural diamond stones, nitrogen traces are found, while lab-made diamonds usually don’t contain nitrogen. Just like natural diamonds, lab-made diamonds undergo cutting and polishing.Lab-grown diamonds uses two methods –

·        Chemical Vapor Deposition [CVD]

·        High Pressure High Temperature [HPHT]

Both processes create natural-looking diamonds with similar optical, physical, and chemical properties. Lab-created diamonds cost significantly less, so you can buy a significantly large one for your spouse. However, its resale value is a debatable matter. 

Some More Ideas to Make Your Engagement Ring Unique

Engrave a Message on the Ring Metal

Engraving a special message inside the ring rather than outside enables it not to fade away. For example, couples to be married can have the ring metal engraved with a personalized message, symbol, initials, or date. 

Add a personalized laser Inscription to the diamond

Diamonds have laser inscribed GIA report numbers for verification. In addition, you can inscribe a romantic message for your better half on the girdle of the gem. It can be a simple ‘I love you’ or a romantic quote or Bible verse. Your inscription will make the ring meaningful for the love of your life. With advanced laser technology, engraving is easy to customize. Even if the diamond is made from hair, you can have it engraved with the laser machine – the one and only!

Bottom Line

There are myriads of inspirational designs for engagement rings. Solitaires are timeless, but couples are choosing to experiment with unusual styles. People are hardly concerned about trends and focus more on choosing a bespoke engagement ring that stand out. 

People can even choose budget-friendly diamond options with sustainable and ethical benefits. For example, it was studied that 85% of every engagement ring features clear diamonds either in solitaire or trinity style. 

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