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Paint Wooden FurniturePaint Wooden Furniture

Furniture is an item that makes or breaks the interior of any space. And no matter how much we strive to upkeep it, it’s still the most likely to get damaged or get aged over time. So if your valuable furniture is getting older to the extent that the paint is also scraping off from different sides. There is no need to replace it with the new one because it will be a costly decision. It is possible to give your old wooden furniture a new life by applying new paint on it. And if you are thinking how you can perform this task by yourself, then Carpenter Centre has got you the best way to paint wooden furniture and make it look like a brand new furniture piece.

If your antique furniture’s paint is scraped and you want to protect it from more damage then applying paint would be the perfect solution. Since antique furniture pieces are greatly worthy therefore they need to be saved and prolonged. The method ahead will also help you protect your valuable antique furniture from getting damaged. 

Different Types Of Paint For Wooden Furniture

There are different types of paints available for painting the wooden furniture. Each type has different characteristics and is used for different purposes. Let’s take a look on different kinds of paints and which type of paint is suitable for what surfaces of wooden furniture:

  1. Milk Paint

Milk paint is widely used for furniture restoration purposes. Also the traditional powdered milk paints are helpful in giving the flat and smooth surface to the wooden furniture. If you want to give a smooth touch to your wooden furniture then this type of paint would be the perfect choice for you. 

  1. Chalk Paint

Then comes the chalk paint which is most commonly used for painting wooden furniture. It is also called the multi-purpose paint which you can apply directly on the surface of the furniture without even using the primer.

  1. Mineral Paint

These paints are created by mixing the mineral pigments with the binder. Milk and chalk paint need wax protection after painting the wooden furniture. But mineral paints are waterproof and don’t require any protection wax. You can even wash the furniture that is painted with mineral furniture without any fear of getting damaged. 

A Step-By-Step Guide For Painting A Wooden Furniture

We will take you from all the necessary stages one by one:

Required Material

  • Gloves
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood Filler
  • Primer
  • Hard Wax Protection
  1. Select The Area 

The first step is to select the place where you are going to paint your furniture. As we know the paint marks are not easy to wipe off so you must do this task outside your home. Or try to put a large cloth on that surface where you are going to paint the furniture.  

  1. Preparing The Furniture

Now take the furniture item that you have to paint and clean it with a soft cloth. If it has drawers or any removable hardware then take it off, as well and set aside. 

  1. Sanding Furniture Surface

The third step is to remove the old paint from your furniture. This process is called sanding. To do this task, take the sandpaper and start sanding it in the direction of the wood grains to avoid damaging the wood surface. Sand the entire area of the furniture piece to completely remove the old paint from its surface. 

  1. Wipe Down The Surface

After sanding there will be the residue of old paint placed at the surface of the furniture. Clean it properly with a soft cloth to have a smooth surface for painting the furniture.

  1. Apply Primer

Primer is an important element in painting wooden furniture. It helps the paint to adhere to the wooden furniture. For better results you should know about the type of paint and the finishing required for that wooden furniture. Because there are some paints that don’t require primer coating on wooden furniture. For example, when you paint a new wood that is not stained then oil based or high quality latex primer is necessary for that surface. On the other hand if you are painting old wooden furniture then you have to use stain blocker primer. 

  1. Paint The Furniture 

Once the primer gets dried you can select any paint color of your own choice or the one which matches your interior. Take the paint brush and dip it into the paint. Wipe off the excessive paint from the brush. Take it to the furniture surface and start painting carefully. 

  1. Apply Paint At Each Corner Of The Furniture

Paint the furniture carefully so that not even a single corner is left without getting painted. For example if you are painting the drawer of a furniture then you must paint it carefully from both inside and outside completely. 

  1. Let It Dry

After painting the entire area of the furniture item you must leave it to get dry. However, don’t put it in direct sunlight, it will cause discoloration of paint that you have applied on it, instead lay it out in a covered yet airy place to dry completely.

  1. Apply Second Coat

The best practice to paint the wooden furniture is to apply the second coat of paint. For this you have to wait for the first coat to dry completely. Now again take the brush and dip it into the paint and start painting the wooden furniture again. This will help you to fill those parts completely that would have left while applying the first coat

  1. Give Finishing Touch

After applying a second coat, leave the furniture to dry. Check if there is a need to apply the third coat or not. If you feel it is necessary then paint it otherwise apply a hard wearing wax that protects your painted wooden furniture. 


If you don’t have any knowledge about the right way to paint the wooden furniture then we are sure after reading this guide you will learn all the tips and tricks regarding this problem. We have covered all the major and minor details for you so that you can perform this task without facing any difficulty. Try to choose the right type of paint for your wooden furniture and apply it carefully by following all the instructions mentioned above to achieve better results.