Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Do you have a collection of photos you want to share with family and friends? You can turn your images into captivating videos. A video will make your photos look the best. Apart from that, many find videos more interesting and dynamic compared to ordinary photo slideshows.

Once you create a video from your photos, it becomes easier to share on social platforms like Facebook or YouTube. It could be photos from your birthday, wedding, or graduation. With the help of a good video maker, you can bring all your images to a timeline, add special effects, and include music to your footage to create an adorable video.

You can even create videos from photos to market your brand. After taking quality shots that reflect brand features, you can convert those images into a video. When you post such videos from brand photos, you will attract many viewers to engage with brand information.

You could be too new to video making and wondering where to begin to create videos from your photos. Get in touch with steps here, and you will create a fantastic video using your photo. But ensure to pick the right video editor to help put your footage into a flowing video.

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Steps to Create Videos from Photos

Get the Right Editing Tool and Import Photos

If you have quality images to use in your project, choose the right video maker such as Eassiy MV Maker. You may download if possible and install shortcuts. When done, open your tool and click on the playlist button. You can find that option at the top of your editor’s screen.

The playlist has all the photo files you intend to use to create videos from photos. While on your video maker screen, click the open file option. That allows you to pick your preferred photos to add. Once you are done selecting, click the open button to import your images. Ensure to import the pictures only that helps to tell the story you intend to give your audience through a video from your photos.

Ensure to click the + button to pick all photos you need and add them to your playlist. You should repeat that process for each image you want to import. You can view all your imported photos through the playlist window when done importing.

If you’re satisfied with the photos you have selected, you can save your project. That helps to avoid the stress that comes in case your gadget crashes. Saving your work at this level can save you the time you would have spent to re-import your photos if anything goes wrong. Ensure to save your project files in an MLT format. That allows you to re-open and continue with your editing anytime you want.

Add Your Photos to Editor’s Timeline

While on the screen of your video editor tool, check the menu button and click on it. From there, choose the Add Video Track option. Once done, you can drag your images from the playlist to your video maker timeline.

After dragging, your photos appear on the screen for a few seconds by default. But you can still change that by clicking and dragging to resize your photo on your video editor timeline. Make sure to repeat that process for every photo you want to use in your video. You can even organise or re-arrange your images in any order and display each as long as you would like it to look.

On the timeline, your footage will have brief gaps between photos. Ensure to remove them to create a good video from your photos. You only need to right-click the gap and choose the remove option to do away with it. From there, you can have a glimpse of what your video looks like by clicking the project option preview window and then playback controls.

Add Titles and Filters to Your Video

As you create videos from photos, filters and titles shouldn’t forget to include them in your content. While you could be happy with how your footage looks so far, using the suitable filters gives your video a greater new look. Go on and click on the filter button. It’s found on top of your video editor window. You may select an image from the timeline. Press the + icon to open an available list of filters. Once done, select the monitor icon to see what you can apply to your images.

Pick one, and it will come to the list alongside an option you can use to customize it. Every filter provides you with multiple options. You may include as many filters as you want by pressing the + icon and removing them using the – icon. To add filters to another photo, ensure to click on it from the timeline. If you want to add text to your footage, you will get that option in the filter list available. These options are customizable and help you add titles and subtitles to your video.

Include Music in Your Video

Whether you seek to create videos from photos for sharing or personal use, adding the right music to your video brings it to life. Good music in your video helps to capture the viewer’s attention. Besides, it can be a good mood setter depending on what you want your audience to feel when watching a video made from your images. Do you plan to share your video? Don’t use music without a license. YouTube has a content ID system that helps detect copyrighted music, and you risk your channel and video being flagged out if you apply music without permission.

However, that shouldn’t scare you. You have many places you can get free music to use in your video. Many video editor tools provide a free music library to choose music and integrate it into your video. To integrate music into your video, press the open file button. Then, select the audio file and press the open button. Once done, you can click the add button to add your preferred music to the playlist. From there, you need to click the menu option on the editor timeline and choose the add audio track option.

You can then drag your audio file into place. If your audio track is too long, go on and resize it on the timeline, just like you did with the photo. When done, use the playback button and check how your music and photos fit together. And that’s the procedure to create videos from photos. If you’re happy with how your video looks, you can export it and begin posting. Ensure to export your video in formats that meet the requirement of platforms where you want to post.


You can make a fantastic video from your photos. Blending your images with music and text makes your content even more supper. Follow the steps outlined here, and you will build an engaging video you can share on a social platform with no time.