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Car photography is the most demanding sector in the photography industry. But this kind of photography isn’t for everyone. This is because the aspect of taking photographs of moving subjects can be challenging, especially from a car. Even if the vehicle is not running, the sun’s reflection and other challenges will still be present. 

A powerful camera is required along with a skilled photographer, as regular cameras are not suitable for car photography. Besides, you will need to have a good idea of the AF system, shutter speed, and camera lens. For your convenience, in this context, we will let you know different tips for capturing great car photos from a car. So stay tuned with us by reading this context.

Why Is Car Photography Challenging?

Car photography is a challenging task, especially if you want to capture car photos from a moving car. This is because taking photos is such a big reflective object that it could be difficult for an ordinary photographer. In that case, there are different things to keep in mind.

Besides, capturing photos from a moving car is challenging but certainly doable. You have to practice a lot to take good pictures and actively pan the camera with your subject. Besides, not all cameras will be suitable for car photography. You will need the best car photography camera so that you can capture great shots. 

However, most experts prefer to invest in a professional Canon and Nikon camera. Using these cameras is very comfortable handling and operating. Some photographers are also satisfied with using their phone cameras.

Tips for Taking Great Car Photos from a Car

As we said earlier, car photography is challenging, but this task can be made easy following some simple tips. For your help, below, we have demonstrated some effective tips for making your car photography easier.

High Shutter Speed 

Shutter speed is crucial if you wish to capture car photos from a moving car. This feature helps you to capture fast-moving subjects without having blurriness. For that, you just have to adjust your camera’s shutter speed. Usually, your shots will be better when using a higher shutter speed. Setting your camera’s shutter speed around 1/1000th of a second is the best option. Remember, don’t go under 1/500 of a second when capturing from a moving vehicle.

Multiple Shots or Burst Mode

Your captured photo will not always be perfect if you adjust everything right. That’s why taking more than one photo will be a good option. When you are moving around 70 miles per hour, capturing lots of shots is doubly essential. This is because bumps, jostles, or other vibrations of the subject or your car may ruin your images. In that case, using burst mode or continuous mode will enable you to take more than one photo with a single click. Continuous shots will help you to choose the perfect one from numerous pictures. 

Hold Camera Close to Car’s Window

Car windows are the closest focal point to focus any subject from a car. So you can eliminate the glare problem or incorrect focusing by rolling the windows down. This will help you capture photos without bugs or debris on the window that may obscure your shot. You can better focus and position yourself to capture any car photos by rolling down the car windows. This will also help avoid any glares or reflections of your car’s window glass. At the same time, be careful not to drop your camera out. In that case, you can use a handgrip to better control your camera.

Keep it Steady

You have to adopt several techniques to capture car photos from a car, especially when you move on a bumpy road. Always hold the camera in both hands to gain better control over your camera. Minimize your contract with the car seat. This is because contracting the seat may affect your photo capturing when the car is moving. Besides, car bumps and vibrations may cause the shaking of your camera. Try to keep your arms loose and not fasten your wrists or elbows. This is very helpful when capturing car photos from a moving car. 

Control Depth of Field

Controlling your camera’s depth of field is essential to de-focusing the background and to highlight your subject. This can be executed by adjusting the aperture of your camera. As you capture car photos, you can use f/2.8 or f/4, which will help you to get brighter images by enhancing the shutter speed. If you take shots perfectly, this will be stronger and fetch artistic flair.

Choose Your Background Carefully

A beautiful background will help to add the perfect finishing touch to the car image. On the other hand, a distracting or bad background can instantly spoil your shots. Besides, distracting background car photos won’t draw viewers’ eyes and don’t create any sense of the car’s color, shape, and theme. In the car photography sector, you have to emphasize the main subject, especially the car. So, you will need to capture any car photos with a beautiful background even though it is very challenging for a running car.

Pay Attention to the Car Color

Depending on the kind of light, different colors react differently. For that, while doing car photography, you have to avoid direct sunlight. Besides, it will be difficult to take pictures with the original color of the car in direct sunlight. So you have to understand car colors and lighting at different times of the day. Besides, when you’re trying to capture car photos from a car, ensure bright sunlight doesn’t reflect on the vehicle. Sunlight reflections can easily ruin your captured car photos and the car’s actual color.

Shoot at Night 

Night photography may sound intimidating, but you can take good car photos by following some simple photography tips. You have to adjust your camera’s shutter speed to 30 seconds and ISO to 100 for night car photography. And also, the aperture of your camera should be f/9. This camera setting will help you get beautiful car photos even if there is not enough light. You can also use a regular flashlight on your camera to get better car photos.

Fill the Frame

Many car photographers use wide-angle lenses, such as 24-70 mm zoom lenses. It is a good lens, but a telephoto lens is best for better views and filling the frame. In that case, you can use a 70-200 mm zoom lens that will allow you to compose much tighter photos with distant background objects. This lens will be helpful for you when you capture pictures from a car. You can easily magnify any car using this zoom lens to get better car images.

Do You Need a Special Camera for Car Photography?

The camera is one of the crucial factors for capturing better photos, especially in car photography. Although a mobile phone with a good camera can be used for photography, you need to use a DSLR camera to take better pictures. There are many reasons why you need to use a DSLR camera. You won’t get better control of different functions such as aperture, ISO, shutter speed on mobile phones. 

On the other hand, DSLR cameras are very easy to use and allow you to adjust different perimeters. Besides, car photography is not like regular photography. You have to capture car photos with accurate colors, shapes, and themes in this sector. However, if you are experienced in this industry, you already know why you need a special camera. For newbies starting with mobile phones will be a good choice and later should switch to a DSLR camera.


Car photography may seem challenging, but following the simple tips discussed above, you will be able to take great car photos. This kind of photography can be intimidating unless you don’t know the tips. Knowing all the tricks about car photography will be very funny, exciting, and very rewarding.

Usually, if you get good control over your camera, you can easily capture great car photos. In that case, you will need to understand the camera’s aperture, shutter speed, ISO as well as outdoor lighting, background, and many more things. For capturing great car photos from a car, follow the mentioned tips.

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