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Staying happy and healthy depends on getting a good night’s sleep. However, you may experience restless nights and sore mornings if you aren’t sleeping on a supportive base. Therefore buying a mattress without doing your homework is a bad idea.

You’ll want to ensure your selected mattress is worth the investment before buying. Learn about the different types of mattresses before you hit the high street or surf the internet.

Pocket spring mattress

Due to the use of individual, tiny springs, each enclosed in a fabric pocket, this style of mattress is more opulent. Each spring moves independently, offering greater support than open-spring mattresses. Depending on your preference, you may purchase soft, medium, or firm versions of these mattresses. 

They are more breathable than latex or memory foam mattresses, making them the perfect choice if you frequently get nighttime heatstroke. Even so, they might have natural substances like lambswool, which can aggravate allergies. They are also heavy to turn. 

Suppose you’re searching for a bed for two people. In that case, this is a smart choice because the separate springs will accommodate your demands and weights while reducing the likelihood that you may roll over onto each other at night.

Open spring mattress

These are made of a single, long metal wire wound into various springs, and there is also an additional border rod or wire to maintain shape and support. Although the sides are machine-stitched rather than hand-stitched, they are lighter than other models and easier to flip, making them a fantastic value option. 

They also tend to be less supportive than other mattresses, making them best suitable for guest rooms or children’s beds, where they are seldom used. For more information on mattresses in Australia, please visit Chiropedic.

Latex mattresses

As the name implies, latex foam is a particularly permeable material used to fill these mattresses, preventing overheating while you sleep. It is also solid and ought to last for many years.

Latex mattresses are better suited to people who prefer a firmer bed because they can initially feel quite solid. Often, thick latex mattresses can be challenging to turn, and less expensive models are prone to lumps and dents over time.

Memory foam mattresses

These more contemporary mattresses are constructed of memory foam, a moldable material that reacts to weight and temperature changes and has hypoallergenic qualities. This implies that it will conform to the curve of your body, take up your weight, and release pressure from your joints. 

As this kind of mattress can get rather heated and its sinking action isn’t to everyone’s taste, it’s perfect for people who require support or have back problems because it keeps your posture straight and aligns your spine horizontally while you sleep on your side.


Hybrid mattresses are made of various materials, typically latex, memory foam, and pocket springs. They are intended to provide a more balanced sleeping experience. They frequently have a memory foam top layer and a pocket-sprung base, which offers both comfort and support while also adapting to the contour of your body to reduce aches and pains.

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