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The tribal chief is now on his longest career run. Roman Reigns, the undisputed WWE Universal Champion, has held the title for nearly 700 continuous days since winning it for the first time at WWE Payback in August 2020. Later, Reigns added the WWE Championship to his collection after successfully defending SmackDown’s top prize against opponents including Kevin Owens, Claudio Castagnoli, Goldberg, John Cena, Edge, and others. The Head of the Table, in addition to his physical prowess, also boasts the incredible feat of spending more than 900 days without losing via pinfall, as Reigns’ shoulders last touched the mat for the 1-2-3 in December 2019.

Reigns’ redesigned character is largely responsible for his success. The former muscle of The Shield has had enough of products to showcase his elite status since he ultimately gave up the tactical gear and faction’s entrance music for a Samoan lei and an epic theme tune. Words like “Wreck Everyone & Leave,” “Show Up & Win,” and “Greatness on a Different Level” have appeared on Reigns’ previous apparel. Reigns has now expanded his collection of black t-shirts on his WWE Shop website.

Given that Father’s Day was more than two months ago, this new tee is probably a reference to a recent Reigns promo on the Mr. Money in the Bank Theory. The rising star threatened to cancel his guaranteed title match deal, but Reigns cautioned him to understand how the WWE really works right now.

“I want you to begin exploring. Do you realize that I want you to study this circumstance here? Reigns enquired. “Your father is no longer with us. You heard them, and here is my ring. Dad is no more. If he continues to behave badly, the Tribal Chief will become his father, therefore I’ll let you know who his father is.

Drew McIntyre and Reigns are presently headed for a confrontation since WWE Clash at the Castle is where the two used to feud. Theory is always a threat to the world championship picture because of his Money in the Bank deal, but right now he seems to be obsessed with the recently returning Johnny Gargano. Theory confronted his old stablemate on Monday’s episode of Raw, and as a result, he was hit with a superkick.

Here is where you can get Reigns’ new tee.

Now that Johnny Gargano is back in WWE, there are seven matches we need to see.

After letting his last contract expire in December of last year, Johnny Gargano unexpectedly found his way back to the WWE on this week’s Monday Night Raw. With Vince McMahon gone and Paul “Triple H” Levesque taking over as the new Head of Creative, Gargano now joins a promotion that looks quite different from the one he left. Gargano rose to prominence in NXT history under Levesque’s management and now has the opportunity to soar even higher on a larger scale.

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Seven “Johnny Wrestling” bouts are listed below that must take place now that he is back in the business. Any that we missed, please? Tell us in the comments section!

Given how Theory interrupted Gargano’s comeback promo and received a superkick as retaliation, this one should be apparent. If Theory chooses to stake out that Money in the Bank bag he’s currently lugging around, things may get interesting…

Gargano and Ciampa are back together on the main roster against all odds. Even though a conflict between the two seems imminent, it would be awesome to see the DIY tag team reunite and challenge The Usos for control of the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships.

Roman Reigns against Johnny Gargano

Why not pit Gargano against the largest dog in the neighborhood as he is the ultimate underdog?

Even though they both have lengthy independent wrestling history and comparable in-ring techniques, Rollins and Gargano have never faced off in a bout until the 2019 Men’s Royal Rumble. Please let’s change it.

Any power couple vs. Candice LeRae and Johnny Gargano

Since Gargano is back, it would be wonderful to see LeRae return to the WWE someday and show everyone just how talented she is in the ring. If and when that occurs, there are a number of intriguing mixed tag team matches featuring other wrestling power couples, such as Edge & Beth Phoenix, The Miz & Maryse, and Rollins & Becky Lynch, that might be seen.

Kevin Owens vs. Johnny Gargano

Now that Owens has assumed his “Prizefighter” character once again, Triple H gets the chance to match up two of his best NXT creations. Surprisingly, there is also a singles match that has never taken place.

Gunther against Johnny Gargano