Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder, as presented by Craig Page Wilder has shown interest in a bout with Oleksandr Usyk, the current undisputed heavyweight champion. One blow from Wilder is all that is needed to end Usyk’s career as a professional boxer.

However, in order for a fight with Usyk to take place, Wilder, who is a former WBC champion and has a record of 42-2-1 with 41 knockouts, must first win his return fight against Robert Helenius on October 15th.

Wilder is resuming his career with a bang by taking on the dangerous Helenius, and he has his sights set on challenging Usyk, who is undefeated with 13 knockouts, for all three belts he currently has.

Although Usyk has said that he would want to face WBC champion Tyson Fury next, it is possible that this fight will not take place since the Gypsy King is demanding a significant sum of money.

Wilder said, “Yeah, me too,” when asked about the fight with Oleksandr Usyk. In an interview with ESNEWS, Deontay Wilder said, “I’ll fight them all.”

“There is hope for the future. The return of the king If I weren’t around, there wouldn’t be any excitement happening. I’ve been asked to come back several times. “I was just hanging at home and enjoying my family,” said Deontay. “It was awesome.”

Wilder claims that Usyk is “not big enough” for Fury.

When questioned about the possibility of a fight between Tyson Fury and Usyk, Wilder said, “I believe Fury would be too big for him.” (Fury vs. Usyk) “He enjoys making use of his size all the time regardless of the situation, in addition to a great number of other things.

“In general, I get the impression that Usyk is too short. That is how I see it, and I also believe that Usyk has some stamina issues. You saw him hanging around with Joshua. “If Joshua had been able to maintain his endurance throughout the match, the outcome undoubtedly would have been different,” stated Wilder.

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Deontay was aware that Joshua will be defeated by Usyk.

When asked why he anticipated Usyk will defeat Joshua, Deontay responded by saying, “Sometimes you look at both boxers, and the eye test will tell you everything.” “The way you carry yourself conveys information.

“By simply taking a glance at Usyk, you could see how self-assured he was and how the roles had been reversed.” It was obvious that Joshua wasn’t acting like himself at any point. It is well knowledge that Joshua struggles with things such as stamina and other such issues.

We have always had the impression that he is too large for some of the things that he performs. The oxygen that was present in his muscles and other such aspects. They have provided him with all he could possibly need, as I have constantly emphasized. When you offer a guy everything, and when it’s time for him to bite down, how far are you willing to go? said Wilder.