Sat. Jun 15th, 2024
MBBS in Russia

For those who are looking forward to studying MBBS abroad, the medical universities of Russia have been providing a great option ever since the Soviet era. But the global connection for the seekers of education has made Russia a hot spot, especially for Indian students. With almost 25000 students boarding flights to study MBBS abroad, Russia has the highest number of students from India. Particularly popular for medical education, here are the 3 most important reasons constituting to making Russia not just a preferred but an ideal choice for many:  

1. Affordability

The USP that attracts various students to choose MBBS in Russia is its cost. Starting from the tuition fees which are highly subsidised following the federal policy of promoting quality education for all to the actual cost of living, Russia has been providing a one-stop solution for the many pocket troubles.         

The average MBBS in Russia fee is approximately INR 2,75,000 per annum. However, the average price may differ per the university you have chosen. There is absolutely no form of capitation charges or donations required at the time of admission. The above-mentioned fee is inclusive of various charges like tuition fee, hostel accommodation fee, medical insurance, FMGE/NEXT coaching for the complete duration of the course, airport travel to the university, study material in English language, documentation of the student in the university, and other services. 

Apart from the affordable medical education in Russia, the cost of living in Russia is also significantly lower than that of any other country with an equivalent global reputation. As per a report, the cost of living in Russia for a student is 45% lower than that of the USA. In an approximate number, it costs around INR 25,000 per month for a student.

2. Reputation

Another important feature along with the affordable options of studying which makes MBBS in Russia, probably one of the best choices for those seeking a pocket-friendly education at an affordable price. The Russian medical universities hold a prestigious reputation globally. Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) world’s list of top 100 medical universities in the world, 30 are in Russia. Russian universities are also leading in research practices especially in the field of medicine and engineering. 

The Russian Medical Universities, particularly, top government Russian medical universities are gaining preferences among the medical students of India. Universities like Orenburg State Medical University and Perm State Medical University rank among the top 10 medical universities in Russia. 

3. Learning

MBBS in Russia assures the quality of learning for all its pursuers, national as well as international. Learning at medical universities in Russia is quite an opportunity for students seeking quality education. The universities are known to use some of the best pedagogical practices to make learning more effective for learners. The use of advanced technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotics and other forms of practice encourages students’ growth, conceptual understanding and skill development among practitioners. This also ensures that the students at the top Russian medical universities never suffer from monotonous learning.

The classrooms and laboratories of Russia feature a healthy ratio of 7:1, ie, 1 mentor over 7 students. This ratio enables the teachers to pay individual attention to all the specific needs of the students and use an individual approach to make learning more holistic for the learners.

4. 21st Century Skill Development

Studying MBBS in Russia not only acts as a catalyst for academic enrichment with the desired professional skills but also prepares the students for the oncoming challenges they might face in the future. This preparation includes enabling the students with all the essential skills for survival and succeeding in the 21st century.

At the Russian medical universities, students are facilitated in various stimulating environments to cultivate the 21st-century skills in them, thus making them well prepared for the real world. 21st-century skills are defined as the set of certain skills and competencies essential for successful survival in the 21st century. This set includes critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, cultural awareness, digital literacy, autonomy, etc.

5. Education System

Russia is known to have one of the most efficient and effective education systems in the world. The country provides an equipped learning environment which also makes it extremely popular for students. The teachings of Russians are more personified than those of Europeans. For example, lecturers pay more attention to students, as well as making it easy for students to inquire about advice or questions.

Every student gets more attention from a teacher, and there is always the option of asking a question to a teacher. During the thesis writing process, the curator explains everything in detail. Russia requires a lot of practical experience. As part of all educational processes, university professors will check your knowledge level.

6. Safety

Just like in any part of the world, safety is one of the determining aspects when making a choice even for travel. Its significance increases several folds when it concerns students who would be spending 5 to 7 years staying in a foreign land. In comparison, to several other countries like the USA, Russia has a lower crime index (39.92) and higher safety index (60.08), making it one of the safer options for Indian students.

7. Career & Growth

MBBS in Russia provides an unlimited scope when it comes to career aspects and overall personal and professional growth of the students. The students are equipped with all the essential skills like decision making, leadership qualities, etc which helps them to grow as character.

The best medical universities of Russia like Mari State University among others are known for providing ample opportunities to the students to not only passively participate in the research practices but also get actively involved in them.

This in itself proves top medical universities in Russia a boon for Indian students. All the exposure to the research practices and other medical advances and trends during medical education in Russia not only qualifies the students to fit into the traditional frame of doctors but also encourages them to explore the new age opportunities in the field of medicine.

 Top 3 Medical Universities In Russia For Indian Students

What is the course duration of MBBS in Russia?

The regular undergraduate course duration of MBBS in Russia is of 5 years and 8 months, which can round up to approximately 6 years. The course includes 3 years for developing a theoretical understanding and the remaining years emphasising the clinical application of those acquired conceptual understanding. 

Eligibility for MBBS in Russia

Any student who wishes to apply for MBBS in Russia must have fulfilled the below eligibility criteria:

  • Completed Class-12 with the minimum required percentage (Reserved 40% and Unreserved 50%), have studied Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Biotechnology or any similar applied subject.
  • Completed 17 years of age as of 31st December before or in the year of admission
  • Qualified the NEET Exam with the required percentile


Studying MBBS in Russia has proven to be a gratified experience for all the students who have made it to their destination till today. The country has a lot on its platter for medical students around the world. Specifically for the Indian students, several top medical universities of Russia provide arrangements for comfort in regards to food, hostels, FMGE coaching, etc. The overall experience of studying MBBS in Russia further eases for the Indian students with the partnership of Rus Education. 

Rus Education has been catering to the dreams of young medical aspirants for almost 30 years. Apart from the features of the university, the students with Rus Education also get access to several features like simplified Visa procedures, airfare at the best price, Indian canteens, lodging facilities, personal counselling, assistance in documentation, etc.

With the right guidance, MBBS in Russia can not only discover their path of success but also create one.