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Maintaining proper hygiene is a requirement for many businesses, making towels an everyday item. Towels serve different purposes for companies, such as covering up, dusting, drying, and cleaning. Understanding your business and its unique towel needs can help you when buying bulk. Buying wholesale towels saves you money on a commonly used item in any industry.

Buying Wholesale Towels for Your Business 

Determining the number of towels you need before purchasing is just one of the factors to consider when shopping for towels. A good supplier can assess your business and help you identify the type of towels you need.

Identify Your Wants and Needs 

There are several types of towels, each serving a specific purpose. Common examples include bath, hand, kitchen, gym, face, hair, tea, beach, spa, and cooling towels. Before selecting a towel, understand your business and its unique needs and wants. 

The type and quality of towels you use for a new business can make or break your business. Towels are a powerful marketing and branding tool you can use to your advantage. You may select towels with a consistent look and feel to create a positive experience for your customers. Doing so helps you meet customer satisfaction and builds loyalty.

Determine the Quality of Towels 

The quality of your towels plays a role in creating a lasting first impression and boosting customer satisfaction. Quality relies on the threads’ material, weight, durability, and absorbency. Towels can be economy, premium, or premium plus based on these factors. The higher the quality of your towels, the more likely you are to attract premium clients.

You can also learn about common materials before choosing towels. Customers want a towel that feels luxurious, soft, and comfortable. Towels are made using various materials, including cotton, microfiber, terrycloth, and velour. Go for premium plus towels if you run a high-end hotel or spa. They are fluffy, dense, and absorbent. 

Determine Your Towel Thread Count and Why It Matters 

Thread count is the number of threads per square inch of a towel’s fabric, both horizontally and vertically. Thread count is used in assessing the quality of a towel because the more threads, the more absorbent the towel. A towel with more threads is softer and more durable. You don’t need to worry about frequently replacing your stock with such towels; many of them may last for years with appropriate care. 

Many people face the challenge of assessing how thread count matters in the quality and use of a towel. Looking at the concentration of threads in one square inch may seem accurate, but don’t mistake strands for threads. The difference is that multiple cotton strands make up a thread. 

Types of Thread Construction 

There is more to consider when choosing a towel based on the thread count. Threads differ since their construction influences the quality and durability of a towel. Common examples of quality constructions are double stitches, double-turned edges, and tightly packed loops. The techniques used to fashion these types of towels include: 

  • Twist: Threads are twisted together to create strong, durable towels (high-twist) or soft, smooth towels (low-twist).
  • Combed: The fibers are combed to remove shorter threads, leaving the strongest and best threads to weave the final product. 
  • Ring-spun: Long- and short-staple threads are twisted together to make a strong, smooth thread. The process produces luxurious and quality towels for high-end hotels and spas. 
  • Terry: Extra threads are used to make a larger thread loop, resulting in towels with high absorbency. 

Make sure you select the supplier selling towels with the correct towel thread count and construction technique.

Identify the Right Supplier 

The right supplier will meet all of your business’s towel needs. The supplier can be a one-stop shop where you can buy high-quality towels unique to your business at the industry’s best price. Choosing the right supplier can be overwhelming. You can start by going after a trusted, reputable, and sought-after supplier. 

Pick the Right Towels

Buying towels may seem straightforward, but it can be a struggle for businesses trying to create a lasting impression and keep customers satisfied. It’s challenging to decide between types of towels, materials, colors, quantity, quality, cost, sizes, and more. Nevertheless, good wholesalers find ways to help you make the process easy and worthwhile. The goal of every business is to make profits, and achieving this often involves keeping costs as low as possible. This is why it makes financial sense to buy towels in bulk. You can shop for wholesale towels by type, type of business, quality preferences, color, and more. You may also be able to order customized towels that can be delivered just as you want. 

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