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Scavenger hunts are a popular team bonding exercise in the post-COVID era. Corporations use these hunts to help employees know more about their workmates and develop skills like critical thinking. Organizing a successful scavenger hunt requires adequate planning and a key focus on the goals. Your theme should guide you during planning to make the event enjoyable.

Brainstorming team-building ideas helps you outline the structure of your event. Here are some popular ideas for planning an office scavenger hunt:

Photo Bomb Hunt

Smartphones are integral to daily personal and office operations, but you can also use them to have fun around the office. Ask your participants to take pictures as proof of completed activities or tasks within the hunt. The activities can involve finding objects, landmarks, or certain people who might be willing to participate.

Photo bomb scavenger hunts allow employees to keep in touch with their surroundings. You also end up with several social media-worthy photos to create enjoyable memories for the future.

Problem-Solving Hunt

Employees’ daily tasks often involve problem-solving, so organizing a hunt to help polish this skill can offer constructive fun. Problem-solving scavenger hunts are perfect for team bonding since participants can brainstorm with team members to find the correct answers.

Come up with challenges that need to be solved before teams can advance to subsequent tasks. Offer clues to the challenges, allowing participants to know how to solve the problems if they prove challenging.

Holiday Season Hunt

Christmas is fast approaching, and a holiday-themed hunt is could be a fun activity before the end of the year. With the festive preparations throughout the city, you can plan your office hunt around local decorations and sights.

Ask your participants to take group photos with a life-size Santa or a reindeer decoration. Team members can also try imitating classic characters or a snowman and send photos. You can use questions to test their knowledge about the festivities for an enjoyable and educative session.

Know-your-city Hunt

Due to their strenuous work schedules, employees often don’t have a lot of time to explore the city. Organizing a city-wide hunt offers them a chance to know their city better.

Have challenges that lead participants around local landmarks and parks. You can also partner with local businesses to set checkpoints in their stores or restaurants. Ask participants to provide photo evidence after completing each challenge step for an engaging and exciting contest.

Office Supplies Hunt

After changing offices, the new workplace can be disorienting for your employees. Office supplies scavenger hunts are ideal for helping everyone understand the new office layout and venture beyond their desk space.

Challenge employees to find unique items like a red stapler or an orange paper punch. Such challenges allow employees from different departments to bond, creating a close-knit team. The movement around the building can also help employees know more about the new workspace, allowing them to settle in faster.

Know-your-coworkers Hunt

Workplace relationships are important for cohesive team functionality. You can make employee acquaintance the theme of your hunt to help them learn more about one another.

Ask participants to submit some fun facts about themselves. Request employees to take photos with colleagues they share a birthday month with or who are of the same age. Your challenge can also include co-workers with similar pet preferences or the same car model.

Such acquaintances allow employees to create new social circles at work, outside their comfort zone. Better friendships extend to strong teamwork on company projects, which can elevate productivity.

Virtual Hunt

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many companies to adopt virtual operations. If it is logistically difficult to have a physical company reunion, you can try a virtual activity to cultivate team spirit. Employees can easily create virtual teams by creating separate online groups to brainstorm.

Employees must complete activities virtually, so the tasks should not be location-dependent. Ask them to solve riddles and post their answers. You can also request that they find simple home items or supplies and post photos.

Virtual scavenger hunts allow employees to connect with their workmates outside the regular company projects. This will create employee teamwork, allowing future projects to run seamlessly.

Create an Enjoyable Scavenger HuntScavenger hunts can help break the monotonous cycle of office work, allowing employees some fun at the workplace. Office scavenger hunts need proper planning and organization to be successful. Brainstorm scavenger hunt ideas depending on specific goals to make them exciting and enjoyable.

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