Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

There is always value in any positive virtue and gratitude is one of them. It is just a pure simple emotion with no complexities, but it ignites kindness. Having a grateful heart spark acts of kindness and a genuine desire to do good for others. The mere act of paying it forward starts with a grateful heart, but the concept connotes repaying a good deed to other people and not directly to the benefactor. An optimistic domino effect occurs naturally as one pays it forward that creates ripples of kindness bringing along the positive energy of being grateful to as much as many people. 

It sparks generosity in other people. Paying it forward simply inspires other people to have the attitude of gratitude. From one planned or random act of doing a good deed, your kindness will teach and inspire the people to whom you done a good deed to do the same. It is something that you learned from someone which you can also impart as positive virtue with almost endless limitation. David Bolno, has worked with famous names in the entertainment industry like Drake, Justin Bieber, Post Malone, Pharrell Williams and; as a business manager. He is a good example of a person who was inspired by the generosity of people around him. He has a big heart for students which is why he is establishing a scholarship fund which will support Perelman students.

It is a good feeling that improves self-worth. Most people seek validation from those around them that when they do something for these familiar people, they expect something in return resulting to disappointment. This defies the value of paying it forward where gratitude should be genuinely felt and expressed by doing a good deed to others and not directly to the benefactor. Most pay it forward entails random acts of kindness which improves feelings of self-worth. Being compassionate and giving adds a sense of purpose for many people.

It teaches humility while decreasing one’s ego. Another good thing about the idea of paying it forward is that it is a humbling experience. While on the receiving end of a good deed from someone, your gratitude will inspire you to do the same for another person. It is not about you per se but is just a simple act of giving. You are ready to put a smile on someone’s face without expecting anything, in return removing your ego by avoiding getting a ‘thank you’ and asking that person to just pay it forward. 

During the launching of Drake’s 2011 album “Take Care album” he thanked David using this line “thank you for pulling my life together for me and putting me in a position where I can now begin to build my empire.” Drake is a very successful personality not just in Hollywood but all over the world, but you see how humble he is to show gratitude to people who have been a part of his journey. David helped him as a way to give back for having a good relationship with each other, and in return, Drake never had any hesitation to give credit to David for everything he did. We saw two gentlemen, David Bolno and Drake; inspiring us and it all started with a simple act of giving back.

It decreases stress. Paying it forward is an act of showing kindness and genuine concern which according to studies decreases the level of cortisol by 23% which is also known as the stress hormone. This act alone is a natural stress reliever that also brings positive energy to others.

It helps to make the world a better place! Acting out of kindness by paying it forward will make life happier for everyone. Doing good for other people means setting aside your own needs while focusing on attending to the needs or concerns of others. It is a selfless way of making yourself happy while making others feel valued.

It makes us view the world in a positive way. Gratitude compels people to pay it forward and by being grateful you are acknowledging that people are kind to you. This will improve your perception of the world, giving you a more positive outlook, building up your confidence while spreading happiness and optimism.

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