Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

If you want to buy a children’s inflatable water trampoline it is because you know that your little one is going to enjoy it from the first moment they see it. To make your purchase easy we bring you a whole selection of the top products. There is no better way to keep children entertained while playing sports and having fun at the same time.

Surely what you want most in life is for your children to be happy, so why not give them this gift? Having an inflatable water trampoline at home can bring benefits for everyone.

As you already know, children love bounce houses and the opportunity to ride one does not always arise unless you go to a fair, a children’s celebration or a mat park. When you tell them that you have bought a children’s trampoline they will adore you, before mounting it they will already be jumping for joy.

From your own home, you can have the children under control at all times, so it will be much safer. But the coolest thing is that you will be able to see how much fun they have, and you will all enjoy it at the same time.

Benefits of jumping on inflatable water trampoline

Perhaps you have never thought about it, but the benefits for children of jumping on a children’s trampoline are quite interesting:

It helps them gradually develop coordination, because at first it is not very easy to jump on a trampoline. They will jump, they will try things, and they will fall and laugh about it, but little by little they will get complete domination of the mat and without realizing it, just have a good time.

It helps them build muscle and burn calories. Children’s trampolines are great for children, even if they don’t use them for a long time, 10 minutes on the trampoline is like 30 minutes of running, and so for children who are sedentary, it is great. Prevents childhood obesity, oxygenates tissues, and strengthens muscles. What more can you ask for?

Something very interesting is that it helps to strengthen the bones. Your little one’s bones will become stronger and denser, preventing long-term injuries.

What should you take into account when buying a trampoline?

We are sure that at least a little you are already interested in a children’s jumper, so we are going to leave you with a series of tips when choosing them.

Before choosing your children’s trampoline, think about where you want to put it to ensure the space you have at home, so you will hit the spot with the perfect size. And if you want to use it indoors or outdoors.

How many children do you want to be able to ride on it? If you only want it for one child, a mini trampoline would be fine, but if you want them to play on a bigger trampoline, you will need a 14ft trampoline with net which is bigger one that supports more weight. Although you can perfectly buy a larger one for just one child, they will have more freedom of movement and will jump better.

What shape would you like the most for your children’s trampoline? Although there are round, square and rectangular shapes in children’s trampolines, we recommend those with a round shape, these are safer for children. And you know what else? There are trampolines that include a swing as an accessory. Often two in one!

Safety is an important point, so we recommend that they have a solid structure, reinforced springs and a padded edge for protection. A great accessory for greater safety is the protection nets that will prevent possible falls of children to the ground from the mat. Many children’s trampolines come with them included.