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The Corporate Tax (CT) law will be starting from June 2023 as per the Ministry of Finance (MoF) of UAE. The law includes all the people including the natives and residents, with commercial or trade licenses to run business projects in the state. It is very important for peoples and businesses to communicate with CT advisors to be informed and updated on the latest information regarding the policy it in UAE.

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) of UAE, will be looking after the organization, enforcement, and collection of the CT. Moreover, the UAE’s MoF is set to keep on being the competent body for worldwide tax agreements, treaties, and other related matters. It also includes the trading of important information linked to tax. You must need to take on board a professional auditing firm in Dubai to cope up such critical issue related to finance.

What is a Corporate Tax (CT)?

A corporate tax, likewise called corporation or company tax, is a tax imposed on the revenue of companies or similar lawful entities. Numerous states impose these types of taxes within the state, and a same taxation policy may be applied at state or local levels. The taxes might likewise be alluded to as income or capital tax. The corporate tax applies the following:

  • Companies and organizations embodied in the country,
  • Companies and organizations running business in the state on benefiting from it,
  • Overseas companies who are based permanently in the country, or
  • Organizations considered as resident for tax purposes in the state.

Organization revenue subject to tax is in many cases decided much like taxable revenue for sole taxpayers. Mostly, the tax is forced on net benefits. In certain regions, rules for taxing organizations might contrast fundamentally from rules for taxing individuals. Certain corporate acts or types of corporations might be excluded from taxation.

Exemptions from CT

The rules regarding exemptions from the corporate tax are mentioned below:

  • Organizations participated in the extraction of natural resources are excluded from CT as these organizations will stay subject to the ongoing Emirate level corporate tax collection.
  • Profits and capital increases procured by a UAE business from its passing shareholdings will be excluded from CT.
  • Qualifying intra-group transactions and rearrangements will not be dependent upon CT, provided the necessary conditions are met.

Corporate Tax Rates in UAE:

The Corporate Tax rates according to the MoF are:

  • 0% up to AED 375,000 (for taxable income)
  • 9% above AED 375,000 (for taxable income) and
  • An alternate tax rate (not determined as of now) for huge multinationals that meet specific rules set with respect to ‘Pillar two’ of the OECD Base Erosion and Profit Shifting Project.

Impact of CT on Real Estate

The CT in UAE will be imposed on ‘taxable income.’ Taxable income refers to a business’ net profit after deducting some specific amount called as deductibles as per the country’s CT policy. The total revenue is utilized as the premise to calculate how much the individual or association owes to the government for the particular tax period.

Business exercises, which contain all types of business activities that are completed inside the UAE falling under a business/exchange permit or license, as well as pay received under freelancer license (assuming that available income surpasses the limit), are incorporated in the frame of UAE Corporation Tax policy’s applicability.

To better understand these recent changes we will be helping you in understanding the impact of Corporate Tax in UAE on the real estate industry.

  • Capital Gains from the Sale of Properties Held by Corporate Organizations

Corporate sectors and people holding trade licenses investing in real estate of UAE and have commercial and/or residential properties looking forward to getting profit from value appreciation of properties when demands and inflation is on the rise. Although, CT in UAE might be implemented on capital gains realized from the trade of properties of UAE mainland businesses. Free zone entities in Dubai and the other emirates are not included in UAE’s corporate tax policy keeping in mind that the properties are not on the mainland and/or they do not lead business out of the free zone(s). You can even outsource accounting services in Dubai at any time whenever you start facing difficulty in managing all difficulties.

  • Revenue from Real Estate

Corporate tax in UAE is pertinent to all transactions of corporate sectors in the business of real estate development, the management, and construction. This incorporates pay from lease, maintenance, buying, and selling of residential and business properties or land. The CT law likewise envelops many exercises and administrations in relation to the property of UAE-enlisted organizations with the exclusion of free zone areas that limit exercises inside UAE free zones.

  • Revenue from Operations of Real Estate Agencies

Pay of real estate agencies in UAE from brokerage fees and premium from sales and other income frameworks are taxable under the new CT law. Appropriately authorized and enrolled UAE organizations offering guidance, judgment, and help on the sale, acquisition, use, removal, planning, or potentially protection of properties or enhancements subsequently are to adhere to the CT law provisions.


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