Thu. Apr 18th, 2024
GP - 150822 - Remote access

You are out of the office, and you have to access  your desktop to get the data you need? Would you like to give technical support to lots of customers at the same time without taking time to go? All you need is the remote access right and the best free remote desktop software.

1. What is remote access?

Remote access is the ability to connect and access a device that is located at a separate site, away from your geospatial. Thanks to this feature, you can access any computers that you are allowed to, from anywhere having the internet network. Then, you can control and observe that computer’s screen and interact with it as if you were sitting in front of it.

When the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 made the trend of working from home popular globally, the demand for free remote desktop software increased everywhere. You can use it in home networks, in companies that let employees work remotely, or the firms that provide remote support service quickly.

2. The advantages of free remote control software

Work remotely from anywhere

According to some recent statistics, there are up to half of the leading technology companies in the US (and companies in other fields as well) are planning or follow a hybrid working style, which helps employees to divide their working time between the office and home (or no matter where they match).

Even businesses have completely switched to remote working mode.

Thus, thanks to the remote computer control software, you can work anywhere you want without going to the office. This also creates a great chance for those who have a desire for working at transnational companies that have branches around the world.

Ready to connect immediately

If only you were on a business trip or have a local long trip, and you were not present at the company. What if an urgent technical situation arises and needs your (technician’s) support at once?. Of course, you can’t catch a plane or spend many hours going for technical processing.

At that time, the remote desktop software is especially useful in these cases. You can quickly connect to all the applications and files on your computer and other devices if allowed. And even if you’re not present at the scene of the problem, you can still check and fix any problems without asking any others for help.

Unlimited support

The remote desktop software is an indispensable application for any companies or individuals that provides computer repair services and remote technical support. Instead of taking tens of kilometers to go to a place which fixes computer errors as we did a decade ago, tasks of a computer and software technicians have currently become easier than ever. With the remote access feature, in just 1-2 seconds, technical experts can connect to the remote desktop almost at once within just 1-2 seconds to troubleshoot the errors directly on the customer’s computer.

Your company will save hundreds of dollars for travel costs and optimize  service costs and enhance competitiveness in the market at the same time. Although there are fewer support staff, but they support more 3 times of customers than the day before. A neat, effective and economical apparatus is what any owners of business wants.

3. Best free remote desktop control software 2022

We usually use the familiar remote desktop software called TeamViewer – the most famous software version all over the world. However, in recent years, TeamViewer has gradually lost  the satisfaction of many people with mixed reviews about the strict and limited free policy.

That requires the launch of valuable and qualifying software products but the price of them is much cheaper. UltraViewer, which is the best free remote control software, is worth being alternative software for TeamViewer.

– Be free unlimited about the number of computers and periods of control for all kinds of users.

– Quick access and control speed, keep stable for a long time

– Easily manage and control multiple computer screens at the same time

– Share files  stably, easily through drag and drop manipulation into the chat window

– Convenient accessing non-supervision feature

– Turn on the remote feature without Wake on Lan

If you are looking for a secure and efficient remote access solution, download UltraViewer and experience it right now. Wish you good luck and success.