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What Does a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Have you been in an unfortunate motorcycle accident recently? You must be having a hard time already. The case becomes difficult for both parties involved in such accidents as there are many factors to consider. This is where you need an accident lawyer to help you go through the procedures smoothly.

People think, what does a motorcycle accident lawyer do other than fight for you in court for compensation? Before presenting the case to the court, a motorcycle accident lawyer has many other things to do that you cannot even imagine.

Let’s see the different ways your lawyer can help you with the case.

6 Things a motorcycle accident lawyer can do for you

Every state has different laws covering the compensation for motorcycle accidents and punishment for the person guilty. This is why different accident lawyers are responsible for presenting other cases.

So, it would help if you asked for help from a motorcycle accident lawyer in Lethbridge for an accident that happened in Lethbridge.

Find a Support System:

A personal injury lawyer will prepare your case for you and help you concentrate on the healing process. If your injuries are severe, it is impossible to help the police with evidence, keep in touch with the insurance company, and contact the at-fault party.

With the help of a lawyer, you can focus on your health without worrying about the medical bills or others.

Know Your Rights:

Before jumping to a conclusion and deciding whether you will win the compensation money, you should know your rights in your state at first. And to help you with that, your injury lawyer will be there for you to answer your queries.

Your lawyer is responsible for informing you about the type of claim you could ask for. In most states, the essential claims are as follows:

  • Bills of the immediate medical treatment
  • Prescribed medicines
  • Loss of earning capacity due to injury
  • Repairing cost of your motorcycle

Isn’t it better to understand your legal rights properly before fighting your opponent? Your lawyer will help you with this legal information before and throughout the proceeding. 

Get Legal Guidance:

A significant number of accidents happen worldwide where a motorcycle is involved. And in most cases, the motorcyclist is the one who is injured. In the USA, III recorded around 84,000 injuries in the year 2019.

Yet, most people have no idea where to report, collect evidence or even claim compensation for damages from the person at fault. To guide you in winning the claim you deserve, you need a professional advisor. And your accident lawyer usually plays that role for you.

Investigate the Case:

A motorcycle accident lawyer can conduct an independent investigation to clarify that you are the victim of the accident and the other party is at fault. Although there are police reports and the police are also responsible for the investigation, you need to have someone present your share of evidence that you have in your hand.

Your lawyer will talk to the eyewitnesses, visit the accident scene, and, most importantly, try to collect any footage that can prove your innocence in front of the court. 

Receive What You Deserve:

In some cases, the guilty person tries to settle the case with a minimum amount of money, which is not enough to cover all the damages you have suffered.

The expertise of a motorcycle accident lawyer is that he will calculate the worth of the claim and present it to the court. However, calculating these amounts is not an individual’s job, as you need to have proper knowledge about the laws of the state you reside in.

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Negotiate with Your Insurer:

The insurance company may lengthen the process of sanctioning your claim for the medical bills. Nevertheless, some argue that a motorcycle accident case is not as severe enough to get compensation.

Here is why you should seek help from an accident lawyer who is experienced in such accidents. When you send your lawyer to negotiate with your or the other party’s insurance company, it will be hard for them to take advantage of your situation and give you less than you deserve.


In a motorcycle accident, you need to act fast to collect all the evidence and close the gap of any possible loopholes. Instead of doubting whether to hire a lawyer or not, you should evaluate your case with an experienced lawyer. 

Contact the most experienced lawyer in time and fully understand what a motorcycle accident lawyer does for your case. Keep in mind that the more you will wait to file a lawsuit, you will have fewer chances to receive what you are claiming.