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The Best Reasons to Ditch Your Car for a Motorcycle

You´ll find at least one car in almost every household. Motorcycles, however, are not as widespread. Of course, they´re not the perfect vehicle for families, for companies and for elderly people, but they´re a great alternative to the car for many others. You´re wondering what advantages motorcycles have towards cars?  This article will tell you everything you need to know when it comes to the following question: What is better – motorcycle or car?

Beating Traffic

Most of us use their car to go to work or on road trips. During rush hour or around holidays, roads are often congested, though. It’s great if you have a nice car to enjoy while you´re stuck in traffic, but it’s even better to beat traffic on a motorcycle. It saves you a lot of time. Also: Imagine if more people had motorcycles instead of cars. As a result, roads might be less congested, which leads to even more saving of time.

Do keep in mind, though, that motorcycle accidents can reach a catastrophic level. Always make sure to ride safely and to protect yourself, as other road users could overlook you. If you do decide to ditch your car for a motorcycle, definitely buy motorcycle clothing of high quality.

Low Space Requirement

Motorcycles are not just cooler than cars, but also a lot smaller. That makes them a better choice, if you don’t own or rent a big garage, but still want your vehicle to be parked safely. And there is another huge advantage that derives from the low space requirement of a motorcycle:

In bigger cities, it can be a challenge to find a good parking spot. Either they’re far away from where you´d like to go or they´re tremendously expensive. The worst part? On many occasions, you´ll find parking spots that aren´t occupied, but useless – for example when the car next to it has done a very poor job parking their car within the lines. With a motorcycle, you´ll start celebrating those useless parking spots, because you´ll be able to get in them anyway.

Higher Fuel-Efficiency

Gas has become really expensive due to recent political events. At the same time, more and more people would like to reduce their emissions due to environmental reasons. Cars are heavy and need a lot of gas – no matter if you´re driving by yourself or if you give others a ride. As motorcycles are all about aerodynamics and light weight, they need a lot less gas for the same job. That means, by ditching your car for a motorbike, you can reduce pollution and save money.

Fresh Air and More Freedom

Motorcycles are the epitome of freedom, because they allow you to fully immerse into the landscapes you´re roaming and because you´re surrounded by fresh air. The fresh air has another big advantage: It keeps you awake, which lowers the risk of momentary road fatigue. As you need to be extremely focused while riding a motorcycle, you´ll realize when it’s time for a break and thankfully take it.

Better for Your Health

It’s obvious that the fresh air is good for your immune system and your overall health. But did you know that riding a motorcycle is hard physical work? During a one-hour ride, you can burn up to 200 calories – a lot more than you burn in a car. That’s because your body moves with the motorcycle and permanently needs to balance itself. You might even grow muscles in body parts that are otherwise really hard to work out.

More Fun

If you´re an adventurous person, motorcycling will be so much more fun to you than driving a car. That’s because you don’t just sit there, you work. You can feel the airflow. You lean into curves and turns. You feel every part of your body. As, on a motorbike, you´re extremely concentrated, you also get to take in the beauty of your surroundings. That’s why motorcycle road trips through Europe and other places are so popular.

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