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upholstery fabrics for roomupholstery fabrics for room

Most of us consider upholstery fabric scraps a waste material from which nothing productive can be obtained, however, this is not the case. Because using these upholstery remnants many handmade, custom-made, or made-to-order upholstery pieces can be crafted that are unique in style, thus completing the actual meaning of the term one-of-a-kind.

If you’re looking for ways to make the most of these upholstery scraps, either to save money or to conserve the environment, then we’re going to present to you countless ways of doing so. You can make use of upholstery scraps or remnants from your home improvement projects for this purpose. And, by joining these small pieces together, you can make a new, stylish and unique design that will be a pure delight to the eyes.

Best Ways To Recycle Upholstery Fabric Scraps

Well, this upholstery supplier in Dubai fabric remnants is so useful that most upholstery stores offer a completely different category just to the name of this type of fabric. And, you can make use of these scraps to craft a unique piece that perfectly matches your modern interior design, or can also use these pieces to upholster many small items such as book covers, jewellery holders, etc. Here are the best ways to recycle upholstery fabric scraps.

1. For Covering Old Books And Scrapbooks 

The simplest yet astonishing way to make use of these scraps is to reinforce worn-out book covers with such fabric scraps. You can either create a removable cover using fabric scrap by putting your sewing skills into action or simply glue the material to the original cover of the book.

With this little home DIY decor project, your old books will have better structural integrity and they will look beautiful as well. In addition, these stylish books can serve as showcase items for your shelves and tables.

2. For Decorating Your Lantern

Table-lamp decoration by using upholstery fabric scraps is one of the easiest projects you can accomplish. However, it’s practically possible only if you have a piece of fabric that’s big enough to cover the original frame of a lampshade.

Once found, you’ll just need to wrap the fabric piece around the frame and fold the fabric edges. Once in place and properly covered, you have to secure the fabric positions in place which can be done using a basic running stitch or via fabric glue.

3. Get Yourself A Braided Rug Out Of Fabric Scraps

If you’re looking for an idea to make use of really small scrap fabrics in your collection, then the best way to do so is to make yourself a colourful braided rug from them. It is a creative idea to make use of upholstery fabric trimmings.

All you need to do is to stretch out the fabric pieces and trim off any worn-out edges. Then, roll the fabric pieces and knit them together, however, make sure that the fabric design doesn’t look odd.

If you’ve got cotton fabric scraps, then you can easily use them to craft a rag rug. Plus, creating a rag rug doesn’t require any special sewing skills and you can also combine offcuts to make your design look more graceful.

4. Frame Them As Wall Art

Speaking of the versatile usage of these fabric scraps, they can be used for wall decorations, especially in case you have a diverse collection. You have to choose fabric colour combinations that blend in well without making the decor piece look odd.

Now that you succeed in creating astonishing patterns, you can simply buy a cheap wooden frame from a nearby hobby store to frame your fabric design. In this way, you can make beautiful wall art using upholstery fabric remnants.

5. Create A Fireplace Mantle Scarf Cover

If you’re left with scraps of luxurious Crevin fabrics that you want to use in abundance at home, then decorating a mantelpiece is the best idea. And to do this, the long-sized fabric scraps should be cut into a rectangular shape and just in accordance with your mantel size.

Now, sew the edges to use them as a table or mantel runner. Furthermore, you can add embellishments such as ruffles, laces, beads, or tassels, to make it more visually interesting.

6. Make Use Of Fabric Trimmings For A DIY Jewelry Holder

Just like all other decor essentials, you can use upholstery fabric to create storage solutions like jewellery holders and will require only a picture frame to do so.

First, remove the glass or thick plastic lining of the frame and wrap the frame with the fabric like a gift. Afterwards, secure the edges of the bag holder with staples or safety pins, and you’re done. Now, you can use this DIY jewellery holder to hang your hook earrings.

7. Create Easy Scrap Fabric Bunting Decorations

You can use small fabric remnants comprising distinct, beautiful designs to make reusable bunting. For this purpose, cut the scraps to your desired shape and size, sew the edges to prevent fraying, and onto a long ribbon.

Now, you can use this bunting to make your space instantly festive every time there’s a celebration at home.

8. Make Small Herbal Compress Pillows Using Fabric Remnants

Well, upholstery fabric scraps can be a perfect solution for making small hot and cold compress pillows. Just like a bag, you make your pillow and take extreme care while sewing the sides to prevent the pillow contents from slipping out. The pillow contents may include rice grains and aromatic dried herbs.

These herbal compress pillows when heated in a microwave can offer a warm pack to relieve body pain. Besides, it can be cooled to treat bruises and swelling, as well.

9. Sew Small Fabric Scraps To Make Yourself A Handbag

Creating a handbag is another quick DIY home project that you can use upholstery fabric scraps for, especially if you have a vast variety of different-sized scraps. You can either incorporate different colours to create interesting patterns or can create a basic handbag frame just by folding a big fabric piece in half and sewing the opposite edges. The bag strap or handle can be crafted just like this.

The Bottomline

You can make these ideas come to life and craft yourself unique design pieces and decorate small accessories so as to make the most of your upholstery fabric remnants. And for the best results, you should use durable yet elegant-looking fabric scraps that can be helpful for your DIY home decor projects. Besides, it will abstain you from buying new upholstery fabric, thus helping you save money and reduce the amount of fabric waste.