Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

The Problem With Iguanas

Increasing population of Iguasnas in Florida has become a problem in many areas. Some of the people enjoy watching them around themselves but when their population rate is rapid, it becomes a problem to have a number of them around your home or company. 

You might be wondering what’s the problem with Iguanas?

  1.  Iguanas eat eggs, small animals and insects, though herbivores. In addition, expensive landscaping can be destroyed and your fruits and vegetables can also be eaten by them. So in your kitech garden, you may not save all your fruits and vegetables.
  2. Common plants like beets, squashes, melons, flowers etc looks attractive to Iguanas. They also have a bad odour so can be problematic for your if they are around your property. 
  3. Iguanas’ habits of living in burrows can be another trouble for you. As they create burrows, especially behind sea walls, it might cause erosion or collapse in the seawall.
  4. Iguanas are powerful and large animal and can be aggressive in order to defend themselves sometimes.So when they are in their aggressive mood, they might bite, scratch you making it a major issue.

 What to do for Iguanas Control?

Whenever you see iguanas around you, don’t touch it. You just need to hire iguana control company who have professionals in their team to take them. We recommend you to visit here to hire Iguana control which is the largest iguana control company in Florida .Professional service organization will help you to reduce the existing population of Green Iguana residing on your property. 

They have experience in treating both commercial and residential properties so you can trust them. Iguana Control also offers control and prevention services that will make your property iguana-free and future proof just in case iguanas decide to come back and repopulate.